Another the end of the month, which means... another Creation of the Month and Highlights of the Month!

After we surfed through so many creations of this month, we can't help but to be extremely delighted! More and more people have started creating Assemblr projects, and it gets merrier everyday.

So, are you curious which top four creations we have picked for this month? Take a look below!

Creation of the Month

Tippu Sultan, The Tiger of India by @alfa3

Highlight of the Month #1

Ecosystem by @itwinnie

An augmented reality project about ecosystem

Highlight of the Month #2

El Lugar Bueno by @Ian_mikau

An augmented reality project about a city

Highlight of the Month #3

$5000000000000000000000000000 by @silverbuilds

An augmented reality project about a house

Kudos to all our friends who have been selected! You can check their creations out on their profiles, and give your likes and comments as well. It doesn't cost you a thing to be supportive, right? 😉

And if you haven't been selected, just relax! There are way more Creation and Highlights of the Month in store, so don't forget to always get your hands and brains ready to craft more creations.

Don't give up, don't stop believing, and just keep assembling on Assemblr! Looking forward to seeing more and more impressive creations in the next, next months! 💙

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