What do you usually do when you want to present information? Whether you're a student, teacher, or worker, you will most likely create a presentation slides.

We know there are so many applications or softwares out there that provide the capabilities, but you know... it might bore you at some point, let alone the repetitive layout and tools.

Luckily, now you can break through the usual routine of your presentation. Assemblr Studio is here to help you create the not-your-usual-kind-of presentation slides!

With our Slides feature, you can create several scenes in your project, and arrange them into one augmented reality presentation slides. Not only that it's interactive, it's also going to be more attractive, powered with augmented reality experiences!

Create your scenes

Creating your first scene doesn't take much effort. You just need to open a blank project, and bam โ€“ that's your first scene. You can visualize your information into your project with the help of our editor tools โ€“ 3D objects, texts, annotations, images, and videos.

But probably, the question you'd like to ask is: how to add more scenes? Here's how!

How to create augmented reality presentation with Assemblr Studio

Set your scenes

Now what if you want to change the order of your scenes? Or you want to delete some? No worries, we already have all the setting options.

How to set your augmented reality presentation with Assemblr Studio

Isn't that awesome? A little tip of the day: you can also make use of Custom Interaction feature to make seamless interactions between your scenes or objects.

Try creating your first presentation slides now, and let us know through our social media accounts! What would your first presentation be?

Assemblr Studio brings you more flexibility to create AR projects with your PC or laptop. When in need of more 3D objects, our software also allows you to import them from other sources. With a bigger canvas, comes more creative ideas to be expressed. Download now!