Have you ever strolled around your neighborhood, observed daily life in your area, and thought this is our local culture? If you have, you might've noticed that something doesn't have to be old, folkish, and traditional to be called culture. It's basically just repeated daily lifestyle!

This seems to be what Giri Putra had in mind when he created Budaya Visual, which means 'visual culture' in Indonesian. The 26-year-old creator lives in Indonesia, where his surroundings give him plenty of creative burst. In his Assemblr account, he recreates everything he considers local Indonesian culture, ranging from traditional dance attribute to cooking tools and street food stands.

Interestingly, according to Giri, at first the project was created just for fun. "I simply wanted to create a thematic account. But then I got really invested on it!" he said. Now he's taking it further as a platform to educate people about Indonesian culture. He already made an Instagram account and website for it, where he tells stories and trivia about all the stuffs he has made available in 3D and AR.

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🍘🍘Gorengan, atau Fritter dalam bahasa Inggrisnya, umum ditemui di Indonesia sebagai camilan maupun pendamping makan. Mulai dari tempe, tahu, pisang, singkong, dan banyak jenis lainnya. 🥐🍢🥠 . 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾Di beberapa daerah kombinasi jualan gorengan ini pun beragam loh. 🍌Sebagai contoh di Kalimantan Tengah gorengan dijual berdampingan dengan bumbu petis kental sebagai saus cocolan.🥚 Di daerah Jawa Barat kamu bisa menemui Cireng, yakni adonan tepung tapioka yang digoreng. 🌶Di Sulawesi Utara kamu bisa menemui pisang goreng yang disajikan bersama sambal Colo-colo. 🍥Adonan bala-bala, atau bakwan, atau ote-ote pun berbeda-beda di tiap daerah loh! . Btw tahu gak sobat Budvis, teknik menggoreng sudah pernah dilakukan semenjak 5 abad sebelum masehi di Yunani 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️. Goreng-menggoreng merupakan teknik yang tua juga ya ternyata!👵🧓 . Follow juga akun @BudayaVisual di Assemblr, dan selfie dengan gerobak gorengan via AR👀🙈🤳💥 . #budayavisual #Indonesia #Heritage #food #gorengan #fritter #foodgram #laperbaper #makanasia #cooking#cookvideo #yummyfood #love #3D

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As for his plans, he's currently developing a mascot for the project. Then, when he has created enough contents, "I'll probably compile it into a booklet, which could be viewed in AR, of course". Sounds exciting!

Budaya Visual (@budayavisual) is available in Assemblr. To check Giri's works, you can simply go to the User Submitted tab in the Explore page and search, 'budayavisual'.