Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what it’s like staying inside a capsule hotel—especially for those who have never heard of any! Pictures can be a great way to showcase, but the look and feel might still get lost in the way.

This is particularly the case with Bobobox, a capsule hotel start-up which aims to offer smart accommodation solutions for travellers and millennial adventurers.

Founded in 2017, they opened their first branch in Bandung, Indonesia, where the concept of compact accommodation services isn't popular yet.

Of course, it was a challenge to communicate their value as they raised questions to the clueless market. How does it work? How do they save space? What makes them special? And why could they be the solution for any traveling needs?

Fortunately, with a little help of 3D and augmented reality, people are able to see the details of the interior without having to guess, as well as the exterior.

Eventually, this becomes the solution for all interior designers, architects, or property business owners who need to visualize the interior design with no hassle.

In collaboration with Assemblr, Bobobox has implemented 3D and AR, visualizing their capsule rooms to give a much more detailed visual explanation to potential bookers.

Bobobox Augmented reality pods
Here's the Bobobox pods in AR!

Interestingly, you will also be able to stimulate and see the comparison of the capsule room to a human size!

This usage of augmented reality is perfectly in line with Bobobox's way to serve their enthusiasts. They leverage technology in multiple ways to help their guests, from booking to checking-in and checking-out, to controlling the pod facilities and even chatting with fellow travellers seamlessly.

Want a hands-on experience on Bobobox capsule hotel? Visit Bobobox’s exclusive page on our Exclusive Contents in AR and PoV mode.

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