Have you followed us on Instagram? If you haven't, it's time to start subscribing to our daily servings. While most of the time we try our best to, ahem, post informative contents, there are also those laid-back days when we just want to have some fun with you guys!

Recently, we did that by challenging our followers to draw our beloved Blr. Our favorite would get a chance to receive Winsor & Newton ProMarker Pastel Tones Set from our team! As expected, we saw a handful of interesting takes on Blr, ranging from the cute ones to the, um, peculiar ones. (Muscular Blr? What were you thinking?!)

Here are some entries from the giveaway. We had a fair amount of smile and laughter!

After some considerations, we have finally found the winner! We're lucky to get a chance to have some chit-chat with her earlier today.

Our favorite, Blr as Princess Mononoke.

Hello! Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Nurlayla – you can call me Layla or Lela for short. I'm 17 years old, and still on my final year of high school. My activities these days are mostly just preparing for the national exam and university entrance exam. 😅

What made you join this giveaway?

I actually did it on a whim.  I love drawing and I've been following Anita (our Chief Creative Officer)'s works on Instagram for quite a while. Then I saw one of her post about this giveaway. It was late at night, so I had some spare time to take a break from studying theories for the exam.  😂

That's cool! Anyway, why Princess Mononoke?

I guess I just really liked that movie? 😂

Alright. Where can we see your other artworks?

My works are best found on my Instagram page, @xx.nlayla. You can find a lot of fanarts there, but I've also been developing original characters recently. 😄

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