We've already known how building creations in Assemblr is a piece of cake. But have you ever wondered how professionals could put their more complex 3D projects in Assemblr and turn it into AR?

This weekend, you can find the answer at Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF) 2018. Yes, we're going to run a workshop! In this class, you can learn how to make AR-friendly contents in 3D modeling software, import it to Assemblr, and put it in real life.

Wait, does this mean we can import 3D contents from PC software to Assemblr?

That's right, soon we can!

In this workshop, you'll be able to learn about our upcoming software release, Assemblr Studio, straight from our team.

Assemblr Studio is a free to download desktop application (for Mac & Windows) which converts and optimizes your custom 3D model to be directly transferred into Assemblr mobile app itself. And, you can also create your AR creations in a bigger screen! Sounds cool, right?

Alright, that's it! Our class at BIAF 2018 will be held on Saturday, October 27th, 1 - 4 PM, at Cimahi Technopark's Multimedia Lab, Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia. To join the event, you can simply register here for IDR 300.000. We'll be waiting for you!

In Assemblr, we believe that all people – including you – can create and present your own AR experiences. With an easy-to-use application, Assemblr empowers people to implement AR in any occasion. Interested to unveil more possibilities of AR? Download Assemblr now, available in App Store and Play Store!