We understand that teachers' daily routines are pretty hectic and draining. While you need to grade assignments and tests, creating a lesson plan, or preparing the lesson for the next day, you might need something to accompany you and lift up your mood.

Aside from listening to your favorite jams, podcasts can be another option to try! They are not only fun to listen to; they also provide relatable topics that covers many aspects such as life, love or even career!

If you're a teacher and new to podcasts, we've got you covered! Here are our 5 education-themed podcast recommendations for teachers:

1. Always a Lesson's Empowering Educators Podcast

Hosted by Gretchen S. Bridgers, a teacher coach and trainer, the podcast dives deep into the topics of professional development, best practices, and teacher leadership.

If you feel that you're running out of your passion in teaching, it's a highly recommended podcast from us! It also opens up about the hardships, challenges, and rewards as teachers. On a side note, it's perfect to listen to in the morning!

2. The Wired Educator Podcast

Searching for podcasts related to improving teachers' productivity and efficiency? This podcast has all the answers! Kelly Croy, the host of the podcast, invites special guests from bestselling authors, digital education pioneers, to school culture experts.

An Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified teacher, Croy has also been experienced in teaching for over 24 years — there's no need to doubt his skills and insights!

3. House of #EdTech

Technology has changed everything, including the way you teach. That's why you need to keep up with all the recent tools to use in the classroom. House of #EdTech provides you a wider perspective if you're struggling in this particular area.

Just like its name, you can learn how to incorporate technology into your classroom through teachers' stories; also, they give some tips and tricks about the tools.

4. The Inclusive Education Podcast

Special education teachers, assemble! This podcast is exactly made for you, but really, we'd still recommend it for any teachers to listen to.

Brought by Amanda Selogie and Vickie Brett, the podcast digs into special education — particularly about how to create a supportive educational system that is more inclusive. Selogie and Brett are both Special Education and Civil Rights attorneys, so we believe they can offer fresh views regarding the topic.

5. The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

If you're looking for a short yet insightful podcast, try The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast! What makes it attractive is that most of the episodes only last for about 10 minutes — which an ideal and easy-to-listen podcast while you're at work.

The host, Vicki Davis, chats with educators, classroom teachers, and leaders to bring out their experiences. It also unveils the challenge of teachers from all around the world and how they overcome it.

While your day-to-day work is important, expanding your horizon as a teacher is also equally important. Hope that these 5 podcasts can help you improve career-wise! 😉

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