Benjamin Franklin once said that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Talking about lesson planning, we do think the saying makes sense too.

That's why creating your own lesson plan also plays a crucial part for every class you teach. In order to make your lesson well-executed, you need to set some standards of how your lesson will go like.

Pretty much you have to create the "sketch" and base your foundation, so your lesson will not fall through.

As much as how it might bother you to habitually start planning your lesson, believe us that it is worth the pain. It is worth the time and energy you spent too.

Want to know why? Check out these 4 benefits of lesson planning!

1. Create effective lesson timeline and schedule

A teacher planning a schedule for lesson plan
Photo: Glenn Carstens-Peters (Unsplash)

By managing the schedule ahead, we believe your class will be much more effective, both for you and your students as well. But, how? Here's the case.

Imagine you're not planning your lesson ahead, then your class ends faster or even longer since you don't have a certain time slot for each activity. Then, you may run out of ideas on what to do, or even get drained because of the delays.

However, with a lesson plan, you can avoid such things and set a specific schedule for all your activities. Say that you initially have three activities planned for your lesson. Then, you estimate the overall schedule, and you think that it might go overtime.

You might want to replan your time slot – either you reduce each of the duration or eliminate one activity to make them all fit into your schedule. In short, it's about practicing your time management.

2. Become your go-to-guide when teaching

Whenever you go for grocery shopping, the first thing that you will consider to do is to list down the essential things you want to buy. It's because you need a little reminder for you to help you focus when you are in the place.

And in the same sense, creating your own lesson plan is like noting down your shopping list.

A teacher creating a lesson plan
Photo: Green Chameleon (Unsplash)

You can sort all activities and organize your thoughts, so you will not forget the key elements that you want to emphasize when you are about to teach, or even in the midst of your teaching activity.

With a guide in your hand, you will be able to teach with a better sense of direction.

3. Help you achieve the aims & objectives of the course

Before you're moving on into planning your activities, please take a note that it's important to set your aims and objectives of the course in the first place.

A teacher planning the aims and objectives on lesson plan
Photo: Marten Bjork (Unsplash)

By determining them in advance, you will have a certain picture in mind of how your students can gain the best lesson directly from you.

If you're still struggling on how to create the aims and objectives, here's our tip: you can jot down a few questions, for example "what is the subject of the course?" or "what should my students gain at the end of the course?", then think about your answers.

Once you have the answers, there you go. Those are your aims and objectives.

4. Check your students' comprehension better

A teacher with her students in a classroom, interacting between each other
Photo: CDC (Unsplash)

As a teacher, creating a lesson that fits for all your students might be one of the concerns you have in mind. Since students are divided into different types, they might be varied in terms of how they understand your lesson.

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But, if you have a lesson plan, it can help you differentiate and plan earlier for many different ability levels and needs of your students. It will be a boon for the students as well!

Once you're done with the course, you can check and re-check all the activities you conducted. If you think the lesson goes well, you can probably give a check sign on the lesson plan.

But if it's the other way around, don't throw your lesson plan away. Instead, write down some notes of why it doesn't work and keep it, so you can avoid repeating the same mistake for your upcoming courses.

In a nutshell...

No matter how much you have prepared, sometimes you can fail to plan, even if you have already given your 100%. That includes your lesson plans as well.

Some days, you have the lesson under your control, but there will be days when the luck is not on your side. Yup, we know how hard it is... yet it's totally fine!

When it happens, here's a suggestion: try planning a few spare activities beforehand, so you can go on with your lesson and not wasting your time. You know, plan the unplanned.

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