Sometimes, shopping can be an exciting yet tiring activity at the same time, especially when you are faced with a large opportunity set. With overloading choices, having to pick selected items can be really confusing. However, say no more! Along with the digital transformation, the way you shop in both local and online stores is slowly transforming.

As one of the most current-promising technologies, augmented reality (AR), can transform your shopping journey into a more immersive, visual-interactive experience.

It helps you to visualize your products, making you feel more confident before you actually purchase it. Besides, based on research from Shopify in 2020, it’s also proven that products with 3D or AR experiences show a 94% higher conversion rate. This fact certainly offers more value along the different stages of your shopping journey.

So, how does AR change the world of shopping experiences? Read on!

1. Augmented reality shopping apps

Photo: Brooke Lark (Unsplash)

We all must have had a moment when we felt too lazy to go out to shop. But relax, you can say goodbye to those days! Nowadays, by implementing AR experiences, you can stroll around a virtual store and buy everything you need anywhere, anytime.

Video: Assemblr World (Youtube)

BLP Beauty, one of our partners, were also concerned with this idea. As a result, we helped them to present a new way to shop that combines real and digital life. We re-created their Yogyakarta Beauty Space, which allows you to experience an AR-based virtual tester bar through your smartphone. All you need to do is just download our app and try it yourself!

There’s also a similar example made by Yihaodian, a Chinese grocery website. They created 1,000 AR virtual supermarkets through an app named Yihaodian Virtual Store App. Using a smartphone, you can walk through the store to buy what you need from the virtual shelves. Also, everything you buy will be delivered to your home!

Video: Ogilvy Asia (Youtube)

2. Magic Mirrors

Video: Lemon&Orange (Youtube)

Oftentimes, when we look for clothes, we find it difficult to try on many outfits at one time. But what if you can try them on without actually having to wear them? Well, with magic mirrors, it is no longer a fairytale!

Magic mirror, also called digital mirrors or smart displays, is an interactive mirror supported with AR technology. Retail brands like Timberland and Topshop are already using it.

With this mirror, you can try and adjust different clothes, hairstyles, hair color, make-up, accessories, and shoes using hand gestures. Also, you can share a picture of your looks and share it on social media!

Video: Virgnia Fassa (Youtube)

In 2019, Coty, a company making cosmetic, skin, fragrance, and hair brands also utilized the magic mirror. Called Wella Professionals AR smart mirror, it provides you a live AR hair color try-on and a 360° view of the style. In addition, this mirror also allows stylists to give more personalized consultations.

Video: Isa does tech (Youtube)

Another fascinating thing is how Coty combines facial recognition technology into the mirror. By retrieving past styles of the client, the stylist can give better service with a highly personal experience. It also connects to a mobile app, so you and the stylists can stay in contact in between appointments.

3. In-store navigation

Video: Lowe's Home Improvement (Youtube)

What’s the first thing you do when you enter a store? Definitely, browse through various sections to find something that is on your shopping list. But again, looking through the store in detail can be a hassle.

AR navigation can make the in-store experience more interactive, informational, and faster! This technology allows you to find what item you’re looking for without wasting your time.

Lowe’s, a global hardware retail chain, has introduced a mobile app named Lowe’s Vison. This app helps you navigate through the store based on what you want to buy. Besides, using their catalog, you can create a shopping list and then the app will show you the fastest way to find those products.

4. Try before you buy

Video: MultiVu (Youtube)

Ever had a moment when you couldn’t try on a certain product, and you felt unsure to buy it? Well, we have been in that place as well, and we know how it can bother you so much. However, thanks to AR experiences, trying a product virtually before you buy it is made possible!

Sephora, for example, is one retailer of personal care and beauty products which lets you try lipstick, eyeshadows, and even false lashes virtually. Through their app called Virtual Artist, you can try out different shades on your face in real-time without stepping foot in their stores.

Apparently, AR has also impacted the way we buy clothes and accessories. Another example comes from Lacoste, a luxury clothing and accessories brand.

Video: Engine Creative (Youtube)

They incorporated AR experiences into their LCST app, which allows you to point towards your foot and swipe through to watch your footwear change. Additionally, the app is also provided with music, graphics, and postcards to enhance the experience.

5. AR gamification experiences

Source: burberry (Instagram)

Inserting gameplay elements turns out to be a powerful way to connect with your customers, encourage exploration, and promote brands. And together with AR experiences, it just doubles up the fun.

Along with the launching of Burberry TB Summer Monogram collection in 2020, they also released B Surf, an AR mobile racing game. Interestingly, the game also provides digital storefronts and virtual closets where you can play, explore, and shop with friends. Once you win the game, you will receive AR face filters and characters as prizes.

So, that's how augmented reality can be implemented for your shopping experience. If you are keen to utilize augmented reality for your retail business, or any other business purposes, contact us at We'd be glad to help! 😉

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