Whenever there are special events to celebrate, it's common for us to either send out invitation cards or receive them. Aside from being a tradition, invitation cards also play a huge role to grab people's attention about what your event is.

However, we think that special moments deserve special invitation cards as well. Now the question is, how? How to turn the usual invitation into something that leaves a deep impression on people you invite?

Among many alternatives out there, we believe augmented reality (AR) can help you. With the power of an AR marker, you can level up your invitation card and impress people with additional content on top of it.

Are you currently searching for AR invitation card ideas? Find out below!

Huge corporate events

A grand event held by a big company is usually on a different scale. Since it usually has to attract public attention, they need to come up with well-played strategies as well.

If your company is currently looking for such ideas, maybe you can start by modifying your invitation with AR experiences. Need an example? Our project with Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) can probably inspire you!

At BNI's 75th anniversary celebration, we created an interactive video invitation. Everyone can access the video simply by scanning the latest 75th-year edition of BNI TapCash or the Rp 75,000 bill.

Video: Assemblr World

Another example is our collaboration with Xiaomi Indonesia. Upon the grand launching event of their Redmi Note 10 5G series in Indonesia, Xiaomi trusted us to create an interactive invitation. People can scan the invitation card using the Assemblr app or their story filter on Instagram to see a popping-up animation.

Video: Assemblr World

Special occasions

Let's have a quick throwback; when you had your birthday party, what was your invitation like? Or for married couples, how did your invitation look like?

If you're thinking of a printed paper with some visuals or ornaments as its garnish along with several texts as description — say goodbye to those days! Now you can bring your invitation to life with AR experiences.

Nowadays, it's fairly easy to look for similar examples. Here's what we recently found; a creative wedding invitation enhanced with AR experiences. You can think of it as a souvenir – it's a lot more memorable and personal compared to the usual invitation card!

Video: Focuz AR (YouTube)

Media exhibitions

If you're organizing an art exhibition, describing a glimpse of your event by text in your invitation card might be boring. What's more, building the hype for people and persuading them to visit can be tricky too.

Luckily, you can break those boundaries by creating a personalized AR invitation! Wave of Tomorrow—a media exhibition that presented contemporary artworks with technology —took the chance to partner up with us to incorporate AR experiences into their invitation card.

Video: Assemblr World

Using this strategy, you can also consider it as a way to promote your exhibition. Imagine people you invite posting a video of your AR invitation on their social media accounts; not only that it can reach out to more people out there, but they will also probably get curious about the exhibition.

Internal meeting invitation

Most of the time, people don't put much attention to create meeting invitations. When you're invited to a meeting, you already know what to expect — having a meeting. It's not a grand event at all; it's a part of an employee's daily life and responsibility.

But if you want, a meeting invitation can be visually appealing and interactive too! With our help, Astra Life managed to create an AR-based video invitation for their internal virtual meeting.

Video: Assemblr World

The employees can view a presenter on top of the card, inviting everyone to join the meeting. Accessing the content is also very easy; as simple as scanning the invitation card on a smartphone with the Assemblr app.

If the brands on the above can use Assemblr for their invitation cards, you can too! In fact, you can create all the content from scratch by yourself. With 1,000+ 3D objects and other capabilities that come with it, our platform allows you to create AR content easily on your smartphone.

Once you've finished the content, you can download the QR marker or custom marker and put it on your invitation card. Ask people you invite to scan it using Assemblr and let them be amazed by your invitation card!

In Assemblr, we believe that all people – including you – can create and present your own AR experiences. With an easy-to-use application, Assemblr empowers people to implement AR in any occasion. Interested to unveil more possibilities of AR? Download Assemblr now, available in App Store and Play Store!