Ever realized that the way people enjoy music is always evolving? As a matter of fact, it apparently always follows the trends and technology which were invented!

In the late 17th century, for example, people experienced the first music concert ever in several European universities. Now, music concerts are developing along the way with more immersive technologies to enjoy.

Fast forward to today, we see that the development of musical technology is getting more intense. Now, artists and singers are looking for more technologies to complete their musical experience. And… augmented reality is one of the possible answers!

How does AR change the way we perceive musical experiences? Well, just sit tight and relax, as we’ll give you coverage about it. Check them out!

1. Music concerts & festivals

We all know that singing along and jumping energetically to your favorite artist’s songs in the concert is already more than fun. But, how about combining these experiences with a visual that becomes a feast for your eyes? 👀

You might wanna see this legendary U2’s Experience + Innocence concert in 2018.

Source: DontPanicLabs (YouTube)

Apparently, they incorporated augmented reality during the opening, in which Bono sang and appeared on the stage. Yet, the fans who held their phones could see Bono in a much larger form on the top of the crowd. It surely does thrill them, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, music festival also doesn’t want to be left behind. The 2019 Coachella surprisingly turned one of its stages into a magical AR land. By pointing any on-the-go devices into the stage, people could see a real-time space-themed experience above them. It's another feast for your eyes. 😉

Photo by Julian Bajsel (Billboard)

However, we know that the music industry has faced a problem recently. Due to the pandemic that’s happening around the world, the trend of a live concert is decreasing.

But… thank God, there’s AR! This technology allows you to have a musical performance from your favorite artist in your own home.

No, you’re not reading it wrong. It’s real, and it’s happening.

The Changcuters, a rock-and-roll band from Indonesia, brought the virtual AR concert experience to their fans. As the first-ever Indonesian band who had a virtual AR concert, The Changcuters wanted people to feel their stage presence anywhere, including from their homes. It’s also a way for them to promote their latest single in the midst of the pandemic.

Well, apparently, they’re killing two birds with one stone!

2. AR music video

Imagine you’re watching a music video, but it’s actually shot in the form of AR technology. Well, the fun fact is, it’s already happened.

Let’s take an example from John Mayer’s Heartbreak Warfare music video in 2009.

Source: StudioBFilms (YouTube)

Claimed as the first-ever AR music video, Mayer was actually the one who proposed the idea to create this innovative video.

Using a marker-based AR, people can scan it and enjoy Mayer performing the song in front of them. Obviously, it’s a new way to jam along with your favorite artist’s video, which unbelievably looks real! 😉

3. Music marketing

Creating successful and viral marketing has to be meticulously done. It also has to be unique and creative, so that people can relate to your product.

Marketing the music also works the same way too. And we believe that AR can be applied to promote an artist’s workpiece as well.

From posters, album packaging, or advertising your products — everything can be done with AR!

Sam Smith, for example, made use of AR recently to promote his latest single Diamond on Spotify. People can simply scan the QR code on Smith’s song cover using another device, and they can see Smith dancing on the top of it.

And not to forget—music posters can be fun too. Check this example out from the late Michael Jackson’s album entitled Michael Jackson Scream in 2017.

Source: Zappar (YouTube)

People who bought the album got a bundle, including a scannable AR exclusive poster. By scanning the poster using their devices, they could see a spooky visualization from MJ’s face that matches a Halloween concept.

4. Music learning

Want to learn musical instruments, but you’ve got no tutors?

Chill out! AR can be your tutors.

Nowadays, the development of AR music learning application is real. One of them who has successfully launched the application is Music Everywhere.

Through this app, you can learn how to play the piano or keyboard with AR. Just simply point the camera on your device into the musical instruments, and there’ll be blocks appearing to help you play along with a musical piece.

Source: Music Everywhere (YouTube)

Simply put, it’s like playing Piano Tiles, but with a combination of technology and reality. Cool, isn’t it?

Anddd... that's it about our coverage! For our team, these are just the beginning of AR development in the musical industry. And we believe there’ll be more to unveil!

Later on, probably you can watch concerts casually from your own homes with more immersive visualization.

Or maybe there’ll be Sungha Jung as an AR hologram, teaching you the fingerstyle guitar technique. 🎸

Well, whatever the development is, we’re just excited to see more cool stuff happening in our music industry with AR. Let’s patiently wait until the day comes! 😎

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