As a result of a rapid digital revolution, augmented reality (AR) has made its way to be beneficial for so many industries—not only because it provides efficient solutions to their issues, but also because AR is still relatively new to the public. People are drawn to try AR because of the unique experience that comes with it.

Do you remember the phenomenon of Pokémon GO? Now, that is one of many examples of how huge the impact that’s brought by AR. These days, one of the industries that can also benefit from the utilization of AR is the marketing industry.

With the rise of AR in marketing, it seems to open new possibilities for fresh and innovative marketing strategies. According to the statistics, 71% of people will shop more often if they use AR—it shows that there are many potential uses of AR in the marketing industry.

If you are a marketer who’s trying to improve your marketing strategy, here are 4 innovative ways to boost your marketing strategy with AR:

1. AR try-on

Garnier's augmented reality (AR) try-on.
Photo by Garnier UK

In the world of buying and selling things, one of the most important aspects is for the customers to try before buying. It gives them a chance to see how the product really is. Hence, this is a crucial part before the prospective customers finally decide if the product is a “buy or bye”.

As the technology advances, a new type of try-on has emerged: an AR try-on. The rising trend of the AR try-on definitely opens up more chances for your prospective customers to buy your products, especially because of its effectiveness for the customers.

By using AR, customers can try anything—be it make-ups, hair color, clothes, and sneakers—in one tap on their gadgets.

The well-known hair color brand, Garnier, is one of the brands that use AR try-on to meet the customers’ needs. Garnier lets their customers look through all Garnier color shades on their website.

Video by Garnier USA (YouTube)

The most important part is the virtual try-on. With AR, Garnier helps their customers to try the color shade that they want to buy beforehand.

Even better, you can do all the try-on online! Garnier successfully utilized the advanced face tracker algorithm that helps detect hair and virtually apply the color. The accuracy of the color is mind-blowing!

2. AR touring experience

Augmented reality (AR) for tour experience.
Photo by Patrick Schneider (Unsplash)

Back in the days, we wouldn’t even think it would be possible to tour a place without really visiting the place. However, thanks to AR, the technology advancement has made it an available choice.

AR tours certainly should be added to the list of ways to boost your marketing strategy. A whole different experience that you offer to your customers will give you a plus point for your business.

Starbucks is one of the early birds in this AR tour game. The famous coffeehouse-chain created a virtual tour in one of their shops in Shanghai, China.

Augmented reality (AR) tour in Starbucks Reserve, Shanghai.
Photo by Starbucks Stories and News

By downloading the Roastery app, customers are able to experience a whole new AR world. They just need to scan the key features around the Roastery—such as the cask—and they will be able to have a complete digital tour guide.

It doesn’t stop there—customers can also earn virtual badges along the way! Once they've collected all of them, they will receive a unique Roastery social media filter to post.

3. AR brochures and cards

Brochures as examples for branding materials.
Photo by Kevin Grieve (Unsplash)

Another way to boost your marketing strategy with AR is by creating enhanced branding materials. Branding materials are an essential part of your marketing; it represents your brand’s value.

By making a professionally, well-designed brochure or cards, you are showing how serious you are in the business. Thus, the utilization of AR will reflect how important the customers’ experiences and satisfactions are to you.

The example for this is taken directly from the collaboration of Assemblr and Xiaomi Indonesia. For the launching event of the Redmi Note 10 5G series in Indonesia, Xiaomi wanted to make a special invitation.

Video by Assemblr World (Youtube)

We made it come true by creating an AR invitation card that people can scan using the Assemblr app or their Instagram story filter. It is, indeed, a unique way to improve people’s experience!

The use of AR for brochures and cards can be a great idea to level up your marketing game. It doesn’t only give people a fresh and fun experience, but it also shows how innovative and well-prepared your brand is.

4. Showcase your products in 3D

Displaying your products on a website with only photos or videos might not be enough—it is important for the customers to be able to see the details of the products and how they really look.

This problem, however, can be overcome as long as you have the 3D visualizations of your products. Using 3D models, people can have a more detailed and realistic look at your products.

In order to use 3D models on your website, you don't need to master the design or coding skills by yourself—we have the solution for your problem! Our new feature, Assemblr Web Player, makes everything possible.

All you need is three steps: Choose the 3D models available on the Assemblr app or import any objects from marketplaces, arrange them in our editor, and publish them! Later, you will get a code, which you can embed on your website or blog. Here’s how it looks like:

As many industries keep utilizing AR experiences nowadays, we believe it will also play a big role in the marketing industry. By stepping in to involve AR in your marketing strategy, you give your brand a new way of selling your products.

If you are interested in incorporating AR to boost your marketing strategy or for any business purposes, contact us at We’d be glad to help! 😊

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