Since there are already 0.81 billion augmented reality (AR) users in 2021, it's no doubt that AR deserves to be crowned as "the current-rising technology". Although many people still perceive the technology as something futuristic, in fact, it's already utilized for many use cases—including for your day-to-day activities.

The technology makes the impossible possible, simply by allowing you to view virtual graphics in the physical world. It's not only a gimmick; AR also becomes a handy tool to help many industries—including the fashion industry—to bring impressive innovations.

From a virtual try-on to virtual fashion shows, here are 4 innovations that AR can bring to the fashion industry!

1. Shop from home

A hand holding a credit card while the other is on the laptop's keyboard.
Photo by (Unsplash)

Amidst this pandemic era, some people feel that online shopping can be a "therapeutic" activity. However, the problem may occur when they want to know the visualization of the products—it might hold them back to decide whether it's worth the money they will spend.

In this case, pictures or videos may help, but they might need something more, so they can imagine the product visualization in real life. AR, thankfully, can solve this typical problem—in fact, 56% of shoppers say that AR gives them more confidence about the product's quality.

ASOS, a fashion-giant company from British, built an AR system called "See My Fit" to promote new products during the lockdown. The system can map the clothes digitally onto models realistically—it also considers the size, cut, and fit of each garment.

An augmented reality fit-on built by ASOS called "See My Fit".
Photo by Swanky Agency

Moreover, ASOS also presents 16 different models with different body types, ages, and ethnicities to provide a more thorough and realistic simulation.

Another global fashion brand, Rebecca Minkoff, utilized AR experiences on its product pages. Shoppers can view a virtual version of their handbags by placing them right in front—simply using their on-the-go devices. Surprise not surprise, the result was quite satisfying—65% shoppers were more likely to purchase!

Photo by Vogue Business

2. Try on virtual fashion items

Video by WANNA (YouTube)

Ever heard of the term "virtual try-on"? Currently, it's seen as a promising innovation—it bridges the gap between the physical and virtual world. By incorporating AR experiences, it empowers you to try virtual fashion items in the physical world.

For example, GOAT makes use of AR to create a virtual sneakers try-on concept. Provided with tracking features, shoppers can simply download their iOS app and try a pair of sneakers virtually before making a purchase.

Photo by Swanky Agency

Another example came from Tenth Street Hats, a California-based retailer. The brand incorporated AR try-on experiences on their e-commerce store's product pages, which allows shoppers to test their hats—both on mobile and desktop versions.

Video by Vertebrae, Inc. (YouTube)

Impressively, the brand already enjoys fruitful results: Their engagement rate increased by 52%, and the revenue skyrocketed by 41.8%!

3. Enhance an in-store experience

A woman looking at a cloth on a cloth store.
Photo by Cam Morin (Unsplash)

When fashion brands keep on emerging one after another, it's best when they can find a thing to make the customers feel more comfortable shopping at their stores.

Zara, the Spanish fashion retailer, overcame that hurdle in 2018 by blending AR experiences on their physical stores to show models wearing selected looks.

An augmented reality display on Zara stores.
Photo by The Current Daily

Displayed in their 120 stores all across the world, customers can simply use their smartphones and point them to a sensor within the store. Afterward, they can view the models right in front of them and click through to purchase the clothes.

4. Create a virtual fashion show

A virtual fashion show held by London College of Fashion's Innovation Agency (FIA).
Photo by Brooke Roberts-Islam (Forbes)

Have you ever dreamed of watching a high-class fashion show event live on-site? Believe us—not only that it's going to cost you a lot, it's probably even tougher to grant you the exclusive seat at the event.

Thankfully, you might be able to experience it soon with the help of AR! In the era where online events are everywhere, you can infuse AR experiences to make the show more alive.

Partnering up with HoloMe, London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency (FIA) became one of the pioneers to hold an AR-powered virtual fashion show back in 2019.

Viewers could watch the show on their smartphones—they could even view the catwalk models in their own environment, making them as if they walked right in front of the viewers.

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