We might not have flying cars yet, but tech companies are seriously thinking about ways augmented reality can improve the automotive industry. In fact, it could be the first industry where AR will be widely adopted!

Since 2013, AR has been used at least to present interactive repair assistance for cars. So how exactly will AR technology look when combined with automotive?

AR for windshield display

Admit it, at least once in our lives, almost all of us have ever looked at our phones for that GPS.

But, looking down at our screen isn’t the safest way to get where we need to go. Even with built-in GPS in cars, we still find ourselves looking to the dashboard and squinting at the tiny screen.

What if the directions were presented on the streets, right in front of you? Apple has already been ahead by patenting a future augmented reality windshield system called a heads-up display (HUD).

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In this kind of windshield, transparent text and images are imposed right in the driver's line of sight. You could even have a FaceTime session between different vehicles!

However, it's not only Apple. Some notable car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW have even utilized this technology for their selected car series!

Video: Mercedes-Benz USA (YouTube)

AR technical assistance

Besides helping drivers, AR apps also allow owners to use their phones to get more familiar with their cars and learn how to perform basic maintenance. Using AR this way is fairly easy!

Volkswagen already did this by providing a virtual step-by-step repair assistance using their app called MARTA (Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance).

Photo: Engadget

Informative 3D contents such as details and instructions could be augmented on top of any machine parts. The app displays them if the device is pointed at the knob or device or any lever that can be seen.

The app can also show a step-by-step walkthrough of the related maintenance item. It gives technicians a first-hand idea about what they're working on.

AR-aided production

With a similar concept to AR technical assistance, apparently auto makers also start to hope AR could improve everything from designing cars to manufacturing.

Toyota and Ford are among manufacturers that have started utilizing AR headsets to speed up production.

AR virtual showroom

Since AR can easily visualize everything that can’t be displayed physically, auto manufacturers can let potential customers place and interact with your product, at home in their garage or even in the context of the car showroom.

App can synchronize with marker and trigger interactive content which provided a complete sense of what the vehicle offers. Companies can showcase the features of the car that's just impossible to demonstrate inside the showroom.

One of the example is displaying cars in a variety of colors with the different option of add-ons.

Alternatively, you can also use AR in automotive exhibitions. By presenting your car or motorcycle models in AR, there's no need to pack and unpack when you're about to present a new product.

In 2019, Assemblr collaborated with Ducati to make that happen when they launched the new edition of Ducati Scrambler.

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