As we're improving Assemblr Web Player, there are some features that we're still working on—including the accessibility of our 3D objects.

If you've finished publishing a project and opened it on the browser, you might have stumbled upon a pop-up message that sounds like this:

"Some 3D objects on your project are not supported."

We deeply know how frustrating it may sound for some people—probably including you as well. If you ever wonder what it means, it's because some 3D objects from the Assemblr 3D library on your project are not supported to display on the web.

But don't worry—it's not something that you will continuously experience in the future. We're currently in the process to develop our system, so you can view any 3D objects from our library!

For now, to avoid experiencing the mentioned case above, here's a list of 3D packs that are supported on Assemblr Web Player:

  • Building Pack
  • Education Pack
  • Activities Pack
  • Animals Pack
  • Nature Pack
  • Street Pack

In addition, Assemblr Web Player can also display imported 3D objects from the marketplace such as CGTrader, Free3D, Sketchfab, TurboSquid, and many more!

Simply download the 3D objects of your desire, import them on Assemblr Studio, drop them on your project, and you're good to go.

Feel free to save the picture above and use them as a reference whenever you create a project! Have you tried Assemblr Web Player? Try the experience—everything starts right from your browser.

Introducing: Assemblr Web Player—An AR Web Player Feature
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