Five days a week, from 8 to 5, their fingers are running busy on the keyboard and computer, typing codes to fix and develop our platforms. But somehow, they always manage to put a smile on their face despite having to bear their hectic workloads.

Yes, you may think that this kind of job is a nuisance. Yet, for our superb-tech guys, coding is like their “daily meal” that they enjoy to devour. Wondering who the guys are?

Let us introduce you to our Unity developers: Risnandar (CTO & Co-Founder of Assemblr), Giri (Senior Unity Developer), Erri (Senior Unity Developer), and Umar (Junior Unity Developer) — the people who gave birth to & develop our platforms, and who constantly beat annoying bugs. 🕷

Assemblr Team
From top to bottom: Risnandar, Giri, Erri, and Umar

Although they’re the busiest and the shiest guys alive in our office, we’re just very grateful to have this opportunity to hear their untold stories (plus willing to be shot by the camera, too. Thank you, guys! 😂). Sooo… without any further ado, let’s get into the story!

  1. We know you love being a developer. But, we think there must have been some moments when you faced a “developer’s block” or a moment of confusion. So, could you tell us your biggest obstacle working as a Unity developer in Assemblr?

Risnandar: Generally speaking, some people still see AR as something new, and they think it requires high specification devices to perform. And we as the developers in Assemblr, have to find a way so that AR is accessible for everyone, using any devices with any kind of specifications.

Giri: The biggest obstacle is… what is it? *thinks hard* Ahhh! When we’re making quite complex & unique projects. Usually, we always try to find references. But somehow... there’s nothing similar to our on-going project! So, we just tried our best to make it happen. Then, people will try it, and if something has to be developed, we’ll iterate it again.

Erri: The obstacle is probably… *also thinks hard* when we have to implement new technologies. AR technology is constantly developing each year, so we have to implement and update the technology in Assemblr.

Umar: I’m still quite new as a Unity developer (FYI, Umar is the youngest of the team!), so I think that’s my own challenge. Fortunately, my seniors are always ready to help and guide me when I don’t understand some things.

2. Just like how people do group works, there must be a discussion on how you distribute your tasks or your workflow. So, how do you usually do it?

Erri: Normally, we always hold quarterly meetings (every 3 months) to allocate our tasks. We also discuss what we’ll work on for the next 3 months.

Risnandar: Yes, and usually, we already have our task lists — such as new features, bug fixing, or other stuff we need to develop as well.

Umar: After we discuss the to-do-list, we usually allocate the tasks. It can be one person working on one feature, or we can also work together for one feature.

Giri: But practically, even if we’ve already allocated our tasks, we also have to be flexible. Let’s say there’s an urgent situation where we have to work on a feature for uploading pictures. Then, everyone in the team has to be ready to take over and wear a different hat. We’re always multitasking, but it eventually teaches us a lot!

3. Now, we find this question interesting, since we can see a different side of yours! What do you do to refresh your mind amidst your hectic workloads?

Umar: We usually play DotA *smirks at the thoughts of playing DotA 😂*, or having a sharing session. In Assemblr, we also hold many events to celebrate many occasions, and they’re very stress-relieving!

This is how we do it! 😎

Erri: For me, I usually just play games, or casually browsing the latest news in forums.

Risnandar: I usually walk around the office, refill my water bottle, and grab some snacks. Then, I’ll eat the snacks while listening to some music.

Giri: Usually, I open Slack and then upload funny memes to the “random” channel *laughs loudly* (well, we’ve got to admit that our group chat is a bunch of random memes and jokes! 🤣). Everyone in Assemblr is quirky and unique, so it creates more fun!

4. Okay, this is the last question! As a part of Assemblr family, there must be a moment when you picture how our company grows in the future. So, in 5 years, how do you see Assemblr?

Giri: Talking from a developer perspective, I wish that we can also generate and create AR creations on the website easily. So, everyone can access AR without installing any apps. Also, I hope we can make use of more advanced technologies to implement AR.

Umar: For me, I believe that Assemblr will grow more and more, especially in Indonesia, since Assemblr is considered as one of the AR company pioneers in Indonesia.

Erri: I hope there will be more devices that will be compatible with Assemblr to generate AR. Also, there will be more people who can get access to those devices and utilize Assemblr.

Risnandar: I believe that in 5 years, Assemblr will be the go-to platform for everyone to access AR contents, just like how YouTube becomes the go-to platform for people to watch videos.

As this interview wrapped, they went back to their own desk, working on their on-going projects. But, one thing that we realized after hearing their stories is that without our developers, we’d be nothing! And that makes us realize the importance of working our best for Assemblr, hand-in-hand as a family.

Meanwhile, you can also catch up on the developers’ stories through our YouTube channel! Check this out. 😉

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