"The Video Games Day is approaching, how about we create new games together?" 👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻

Eventually, we made that idea happen when we celebrated this year’s Video Games Day—earlier this September.

To begin with, our team actually consists of a bunch of gamers. So, if you come to our office on our working days, the sight of our team playing DotA on our lunch breaks or after work is not a big deal.

Based on that premise, our team starts to go “out of the box” and explore new things. And that being said, we decided to challenge ourselves to create our own games, instead of having a game competition between us.

Excited to hear how our game jam went by? Here's our timeline of activities! 😎

D-6 (5 September 2020)

We went out to an outdoor space near our office — well, more like a café surrounded by a forest (yup, that’s a perk of having an office located in Dago!). Not only to refresh our minds, but most importantly, we also discussed our game jam.

Discussing while chilling! 😎

After further discussion, it was decided that we’d be in 5 groups, with each group consists of 1 - 2 programmers or developers.

Our creative process went on for around 2 hours. We poured out our creative ideas to the team members—although still imperfect.

But, we were pretty sure that we could make them happen because we have our talented programmers and developers around us. YAY! 🙌🏼

D-1 (10 September 2020)

Although it’s a working day for us, we decided to dedicate this day to work on our game projects.

No, it doesn’t mean that we neglected our responsibilities. Everything related to our work should come first! Only after we had finished our work then we’d focus on our game projects.

On this day, everything was quite hectic—especially for our programmers and developers. While they built our games from scratch, the other team members also worked on other things. Each of us had a job assigned to us.

Our developer in the process of building the game

Some were in charge of the copies for our games, designing the looks, or even became an out-of-sudden sound engineer! Everything was just so unexpected. 🤣

Despite our hectic activities, we managed to finish it all. Time to wait for tomorrow, our game jam event!

D-DAY! (11 September 2020)

Woohoo! It’s the day of our awaited game jam.

It should've been celebrated on 12 September. But, since it fell on Saturday (which means our day-off!), we intentionally had it a day earlier. 🎉

So, around 4 p.m., we went down to our office’s basement to present our made-from-scratch games.

Taking turns, we presented the games to everyone. And… it turns out that some of the ideas were unique and haven’t existed yet!

From a shouting game (of course, in a fun way 😆) which can relieve our stress, to a VR-based mobile game—everything was just creative and funny.

One of the games: VR-based mobile game

To see more fun & laughter of our team, tune in to watch our game jam recap below!

Source: Assemblr World (YouTube)

Up until now, we are still amazed at how we managed to wrap the process of our game-making only in one day. Obviously, we couldn’t make it perfect. Some aspects were still lacking.

But, we didn’t look for perfection. What we valued was actually how we could spend our time together in a fun way, able to get to know each other better, and the importance of teamwork.

And most importantly, we gave birth to five new games! Who knows, we’d publish them in the near future, enhanced with AR experience, right?

Anyways, looking forward to more fun activities like this in the future, together with the team! 😆

Our team consists of fun, hard-working, and passionate individuals who strive to put out the best outcome for our users. Stay tuned to more stories of our working culture at our office in our blog. If you're interested to join our growing team, hit us up at career@assemblrworld.com!