Over the past few months, we've been delighted to get in touch with hundreds of thousands of people in our community. One group which constantly pops up was teachers, who saw possibilities in using Augmented Reality as a learning tool in classrooms.

Today, we're happy to announce that Assemblr Teacher's Guide is now available to download for public! This little handbook was developed by our team for teachers, educators and anyone involved in delivery of school lessons.

This handbook provides guidance and starting points on using Assemblr to improve teachers’ classroom practices. There are lesson plan examples using our ready-made educational materials as well as User Guide to help you explore the app.

All these chapters of the Teacher's Guide come with a printable version, and some of the pages are also packed with AR contents you can scan in Assemblr. It's such a delight to read in print, so feel free to print and share this booklet to anyone!

To download the Teacher's Guide, click here.

Assemblr is a 3D Augmented Reality platform which helps you to visualize ideas in 3D and AR for a fresh experience. To try Assemblr today, download the app here.