After releasing the open beta version in the first week of October 2021, we're proud to announce that we're finally launching the public version of Assemblr Studio Web, a web-based AR creator!

An upgraded version of the previous Assemblr Studio desktop app, this innovation enables people to create any 3D and AR projects right on the web browser of their PCs, laptops, or even tablets without having to download or install any apps.

Founder and CEO of Assemblr, Hasbi Asyadiq says that Assemblr Studio Web was born for three main reasons: accessibility, performance, and simplicity.

The previous Assemblr Studio was somehow challenging for some users as it requires a high-end PC or laptop for the software to run. The web creator offers a helpful solution, so users can create the content easily on the web browser without having to install any applications.

“We see that a lot of our users come from the educational sector, and most of them, [which are] teachers, don’t have high-spec laptops. That’s why we need to find a solution for this, so any laptop or PC—doesn’t necessarily have to be high-end ones—can operate on it,” Hasbi adds.

Although it still has similar functionality to the Assemblr Studio app, Assemblr Studio Web has taken its game up to a notch.

People can enjoy several additional improvements, starting from increased performance, an easier user interface, a friendly user experience, and ease of access. Everyone can start creating and sharing their works, simply in one link.

The first notable change can be seen on the 3D library interface; it provides bigger thumbnails and more organized categories, making it easier for users to browse through their 3D objects.

The new 3D library on Assemblr Studio Web.
The new 3D library looks on Assemblr Studio Web.

Another enhancement can also be seen on its Editor Mode. Assemblr Studio Web provides 3D gizmos, which help users to move, rotate, or scale objects along a 3D axis or plane. On top of that, the Editor is also equipped with more focused controls, hence it will only display the tools that the users are currently using.

Simpler and more focused controls on the Editor of Assemblr Studio Web.
Simpler and more focused controls on the Editor.

Performance-wise, Assemblr Studio Web has a huge increase as well. People with low-spec PCs, laptops, or even tablets can enjoy creating on their browsers seamlessly since the technology has been proven to run well on these devices.

Assemblr Studio Web has gone through some major advancements in terms of features. One of the latest additions is the On-Tap feature, which enables users to insert interactivity elements on their projects.

The On-Tap feature on Assemblr Studio Web, which allows users to insert interactive elements.
The On-Tap feature has two interactivity elements: Switch Scene and Open URL.

With Assemblr Studio Web being released to the public, it marks the end of the era of Assemblr Studio desktop.

Nevertheless, every feature on the web creator is basically rooted from the desktop version. If you're an avid user of Assemblr Studio desktop, you won't get lost in the way. Everything's the same!

Regarding his personal hope for the upgraded product, Hasbi says, “We hope it can be a simpler and more accessible technology for everyone; it bridges the gap between us and our users, so they won’t experience the same problem in the future. Everyone can create projects simply from the browser without having to download or install any applications.”

In Assemblr, we believe that all people—including you—can create and present your own AR experiences. With an easy-to-use application, Assemblr empowers people to implement AR in any occasion. Interested to unveil more possibilities of AR? Download Assemblr now, available in App Store and Play Store!