Assemblr Studio Web has currently unveiled its "new face" and rebranded the platform with the name Assemblr Studio! Not only on the looks, but we've also revamped the platform to be a more versatile AR platform for everyone.

Basically speaking, it's an evolution of the Assemblr Studio Web you used to know. It offers better functionality and productivity, so you can create any AR experience for every purpose.

The idea of the breakthrough started when we observed feedback from our first-time users, saying that they were confused with our platform—as shared by our Chief Product Officer (CPO), Dwi Asharialdy Hambali.

"However, along the way, I also discovered some users who knew what the platform was for. They already knew what they had to do. Although their AR creations might be simple, they're exactly crafted simply to match their goals and needs," Dwi continues.

Seeing the mixed reviews from our users, Dwi thought he could simplify again the journey to create AR creations that are specifically targeted for some use cases.

"We want it to be as simple as one, two, three. And it's going to be easy to use for our users' clients, audiences, or viewers."

After observing a few cases from our users, an idea came to his mind. Instead of only providing a mere editor, maybe we can narrow down their confusion and direct them better by creating premade AR templates. And that's how it became our new feature.

"With these templates, we just want to let our users know what kind of possibilities AR can offer. If they have known the purposes, they can easily create with our premade AR templates," Dwi shares further. "So, it's more like how we present the choices of the use cases."

For people who have already got their AR needs in mind, they can browse through the available templates that match their use cases. But for those who haven't got it yet, they can at least get inspired because everything's just clearly displayed on the website.

Currently, the premade AR templates are categorized into four groups: Printing, Marketing, Souvenir, and Presentation. These templates are open to use for anything—be it for personal use cases, business inquiries, or corporate needs.

Assemblr Studio's AR templates for marketing, printing, souvenir, and presentation.

Although these templates are only made by our team at the moment, we'll also open opportunities for our users to create AR templates as well. However, they will also be curated by our system to make sure that they fit in the proper categories.

In the future, we'll also add new features and improve our existing ones. Some things we've already got up on our sleeves include the evolution of our Exclusive Content and the birth of Assemblr Marketplace.

"For the Exclusive Content, our clients often wanted to make their exclusive AR content separated from our platform. We decided to provide an exclusive landing page for each enterprise, and they can customize their URL as well to their liking," says Dwi.

As for the Assemblr Marketplace, we will provide a dedicated page for everyone to sell their works. "Let's say some brands want to sell their own exclusive 3D pack for their customers. That means there's a market fit, and if it's proven to work well, then it's more than possible for everyone to sell and purchase 3D packs right on our new Assemblr," he adds.

With the new Assemblr, Dwi and the whole team hopes that it can simplify the process to create AR experiences.

"Hopefully, creating AR is not as difficult as it was in the last five, ten years. We want to accelerate the process of creating for our users; from ideation to execution."
Video by Assemblr World (YouTube)

Assemblr Studio is currently open to access on the browser. However, soon enough, it will also be available on the Assemblr mobile app, which will change the name of the app into Assemblr Studio as well. Try it now!

In Assemblr, we believe that all people—including you—can create and present your own AR experiences. With an easy-to-use application, Assemblr empowers people to implement AR in any occasion. Interested to unveil more possibilities of AR? Download Assemblr now, available in App Store and Play Store!