Hi everyone! Have you tried our software PC, Assemblr Studio? While this desktop companion can help you do almost anything in Assemblr, we understand that some of you may need a little... guidance to get you started. Admit it, it could be a little tricky if you aren't a frequent user of 3D modeling softwares.

That's why, we're here to announce that “Assemblr Studio 101” is here! It's our new tutorial series that will explain everything you need to know about the desktop app. We divided the tutorial into three short videos, which will introduce you its most important features as well as provide some useful tips to make the best out of your 3D.

Without further ado, let's check it out!

Assemblr Studio Basics #1: Import Your Assets!

In this first episode, we’re going to get started by importing your 3D objects to Assemblr Studio! (Spoiler: Be it your own work or some free downloadable project on the web, importing is as easy as dragging and dropping 😉)

Assemblr Studio Basics #2: Twist and Tweak Your 3D

In the second video, we're covering how to twist and tweak your 3D in our PC app. Be prepared to take some notes, because this one is the most important part!⁣⁣

Assemblr Studio Basics #3: Export Your 3D to Assemblr Mobile

Now that you’ve learned how to adjust your 3D, it’s time to transfer your 3D to Assemblr Studio! Learn how to use your imported 3D asset and use it as an AR content on your phone.

So that's the step by step guide to import your 3D model into an AR content. To watch all the videos now, click here. Looking forward to your awesome projects! 🙋‍♂️