May the fourth be with you, everyone! We know it's already too late to post it, but a little throwback obviously won't hurt. Besides, our team is still in the hype of celebration!

To get you started, our team is a bunch of avid Star Wars fans, so it is no surprise at all to see us hyping over the highly-rated movies of all times.

When it comes to Star Wars Day, we feel it's kind of a "sacred" day for us to celebrate (special thanks to Margaret Thatcher who "paved the way" for the day!). And usually, our go-to-ritual is only all about movie marathons. But this year, well, this year is different.

In celebration of Star Wars Day, we decided to game up our ritual. Yes, some of our team have created AR Star Wars projects! Just a little bit of spoiler: the force is getting real than ever.

Wondering how the creations turned out? Have a look below!

Video: Assemblr World (YouTube)

Looking forward to our celebration next year! Hmmm... what other random things should we do? 🤔

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