On Tuesday (05/04), exactly three days ago, we gave a little sneak peek on our Instagram for our upcoming project. Interestingly, many of our friends commented and even nailed the answer – which we totally didn't expect at all.

Now, no more teasing and game-of-guessing. It's already official. We are glad to announce that we are partnering up with Nussa!

Assemblr, Nussa, and Rarra for augmented reality collaborations

Nussa is an Indonesian animation series produced by The Little Giantz. Airing since November 2018 until January 2021, the series have been massively popular due to its “fun-edutainment” concept in teaching Islamic values to children.

Although the series are no longer produced, earlier in January 2021, Nussa also released a trailer for their movie – aimed to air soon in 2021.

Our Digital Marketing Executive, Agistian Fathurizki, unveiled the reason behind this partnership. "We realize that Nussa is a highly-reputable animation series, and it is loved especially by a lot of Indonesian children. By creating Nussa AR experiences, we believe [that] we can bring a more interactive and easy-to-access Nussa contents for everyone."

For several weeks, Nussa, Rarra, and other characters will accompany you on our Exclusive Content page. The good part is, it's not merely for entertainment sakes, but you can also learn bits of Islamic values behind it.

"Since the series have been on hiatus for quite a long time, we want to give a little surprise for all Nussa fans out there. Hopefully, this gift can somehow be a "cure" to treat their longings," Agistian shared. "We're also looking forward to expanding our collaborations with Nussa in the future."
Video: Assemblr World (YouTube)

Want to access the contents in AR experiences? Follow these steps!

  1. Download Assemblr app on App Store or Play Store (if you haven't 😉).
  2. Go to the Exclusive Content page on our Home.
  3. Find the Nussa icon, then tap on it.
  4. Tap the content you want to play, then choose View AR.
  5. Point your phone camera towards your surrounding while it scans. Once there's a yellow circle, just tap on it.
  6. There you go! Nussa, Rarra, and the other characters will come alive in front of you!

In Assemblr, we believe that all people – including you – can create and present your own AR experiences. With an easy-to-use application, Assemblr empowers people to implement AR in any occasion. Interested to unveil more possibilities of AR? Download Assemblr now, available in App Store and Play Store!