Helping customers to predict interior design and furnishing projects in various homes without proper tools can be a hit-or-miss. What if we could bring the experience to you long before the room is ready?

Recently, we've just collaborated with Dekoruma for their new pop-up showroom called Dekoruma Mini Experience Center. The showroom was first set up at Pondok Indah Mall from September 1st to November 24th, 2019, and later was held at Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall until January 3rd, 2020.

To help this program, Assemblr brings an Augmented Reality experience to Dekoruma's interior design catalogues, which allows visitors to see interior and furniture designs in 3D, virtually in real-life settings. In addition, visitors can take an immersive 'tour' around the space just by scanning the catalogue using Assemblr application. The designs are presented in high detail so that the experience feels real!

Dekoruma Mini Experience Center itself provides interior design inspirations with minimalist concept as well as consultation session with professional interior designers. This allows customers to realize their dream residential designs with high-accuracy cost estimates. "Although Dekoruma has become an integrated service platform for home & living online, we acknowledges that customers need to see firsthand the color options, feel the texture of materials themselves, and touch furnitures for their dream homes,'' said Dimas Harry Priawan, CEO & Co-Founder of Dekoruma.

Scanning Dekoruma's Magic Postcard in Assemblr!

If you love collectibles, Dekoruma Mini Experience Center also introduces ‘Magic Postcard’, an interior design postcard series visitors can collect and take home! Of course, these postcards—which features interior designs created by the Dekoruma team—can also be scanned using Assemblr, which is already available to download through App Store or Play Store.

Assemblr's co-founder and CEO, Hasbi Asyadiq said, "Augmented Reality has many possibilities of implementation in the property industry, since they can solve a common issue experienced by interior design and architects, namely visualizing and communicating residential projects to clients. We believe that AR visualization not only helps clients to imagine and predict their dream homes, but also studios and service providers who work with Assemblr, in terms of customer engagement and sales," concluded Hasbi.

Assemblr is a platform for making 3D and Augmented Reality via smartphones. So far, Assemblr has been featured by Play Store and App Store with 1.5 million downloads, 350 thousand users and almost 1 million creations.