How did your 2021 go by? Well, just like you, our 2021 was also filled with lots of amazing-fantastic-unbelievable-incredible-but-also-shocking-and-regrettable moments. Despite all the storms, we're truly grateful for the peaking milestones we nailed this year!

As we're about to wrap up the year, we think it's the most perfect time to reflect back on the year we went through! Before the year ends, let's take a quick throwback to all the precious moments we had!

"Alexa, play back our 2021 moments..."

January: Joining Techstars

Our first chapter of the year turned out to be exciting and wonderful. Yup, we're off on a good start!

In January, our dream to get accepted into a huge startup accelerator turned out to be a reality. After lots of interview sessions, we officially joined the Techstars Hub71 Accelerator family!

Little did we know, our next few months turned out to be quite challenging—but at the same time, we were also thrilled about the whole experience. This opportunity brought us to many untapped possibilities!

February: Our third anniversary

Ever since Assemblr has been established, February has become one of our favorite months because... it's the month when Assemblr was born! As we celebrated our third year, we had a little festive among ourselves by having a company outing.

Video by Assemblr World (YouTube)

And by company outing, we mean all-you-can-eat treats! We had a great, satisfying meal, and honestly, we can't wait for what's to come on our fourth anniversary! Oops... 👀

March: Custom Interaction launched

In March, we took Assemblr Studio a step further by making huge improvements! FYI, it was long before Assemblr Studio Web was born. Or even talked about.

And we believed creating Custom Interaction for Assemblr Studio Web was one of the best decisions we made this year. Lots of our users–including you, probably–can create AR presentations much more interactively!

April: Techstars graduation

April was a month of celebration! After three months of insightful learning sessions, we finally graduated from Techstars—pretty sure with good marks as well (you can ask our founders 😜)!

May: Nussa x Assemblr collaboration & Indonesian blog opened

To celebrate the Ramadan festivities, we also collaborated with Nussa—an Indonesian animation series for kids–to create the AR versions of Nussa and other characters.

Video by Assemblr World (YouTube)

Also, this month was quite special as we opened our Indonesian blog! Since we've seen a surging number of Indonesian users, we believed it was a great decision we made. Glad to have helped lots of users, especially teachers, to understand AR and Assemblr better!

June: The return of Sore-Sore Bikin AR

After being absent for a few months, we returned again with our live streaming session for Indonesians: Sore-Sore Bikin AR! It was even more special as it was brought to you by our Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Anita!

July: "#BuildOffHacks", a new rubric

We often had lots of questions from our users about the A-to-Z tips and tricks. So, we thought, "Why don't we turn it into our social media's contents?"

And that's the story of how #BuildOffHacks, one of our specialties on our Instagram and TikTok, was born. We help users get the tips and tricks to create, simply in 15-30 seconds. So far, we've always received great reactions from our users!

August: Welcoming Kampus Merdeka interns

How would you feel if you get lots of new additions into your house? Well, that's what experienced in August! Not only five or ten new members, but we've also had around 20 interns from Kampus Merdeka on board!

All of a sudden, our office was filled with young, energetic spirits from the 2000 kids. Thanks to them, we've also had a lot of new activities (or clubs, you may say) like jamming sessions and analog club!

September: Assemblr Web Player & ACE Dashboard launched

September came with a huge breakthrough. We released two new features: Assemblr Web Player and ACE Dashboard!

With Assemblr Web Player, we wanted to give opportunities for people to view any creations made in our ecosystem—simply through a browser.

Video by Assemblr World (YouTube)

As for our ACEs, we presented them with a dashboard, which becomes a one-stop place for them to get the latest updates and information about the community.

October: Assemblr Studio Web Open-Beta

In light of our users' problems with Assemblr Studio, we decided to create a web-based AR creator, which allows everyone to create right on the browser.

However, before releasing it to the public, we announced the open-beta version first for our users. And it happened precisely in October.

Video by Assemblr World (YouTube)

Apparently, we received tons of love and positive feedbacks from many people, which led us to...

November: Assemblr Studio Web's official release

Video by Assemblr World (YouTube)

Yes, the public release! Ever since this moment, we got pretty good tractions, which always inspire and motivate us to keep improving here and there. Along the line, we also have enhanced and added new features to the platform!

December: Line Annotation

Sweet, sweet December! After a handful of improvements on Assemblr Studio, we've taken another huge leap.

Aside from the usual circle-type annotation, we've also released the Line Annotation! In a way, it's one of our special presents for you to wrap up the year. 😉

Looking back at 2021, we realized that our milestones are nothing if you're not by our side. Yes, we couldn't have done anything without you! Thank you for accompanying us throughout this roller-coaster-like ride!

Of course, we're looking forward to nailing more milestones and achievements in the upcoming year. Time to write our resolutions for 2022! 😍

In Assemblr, we believe that all people—including you—can create and present your own AR experiences. With an easy-to-use application, Assemblr empowers people to implement AR on any occasion. Interested to unveil more possibilities of AR? Download Assemblr now, available in App Store and Play Store!