Ever had any idea to build a startup, but don't know where to start? Say no more! This Friday, our CEO Hasbi Asyadiq will be sharing some insights alongside 8 other distinguished startup professionals in Bandung.

This one-day workshop will be held by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in collaboration with Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN). It will take place on Friday, April 5th 2019, 09.00 – 17.00 at BLOCK71 Bandung.

That's right – it's going to take the whole day since we will divide it into three main sessions. Each one will explore topics ranging from product development, product management to fundraising. (Don't worry about your tummy – we got your lunch meals covered!)

Particularly, in this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Build your first product and MVP using cloud technology
  • Evaluate a technical stack best-practice
  • How to achieve product-market fit using an appropriate business plan
  • Testing MVP with agile methodology
  • How to raise investment and strategically meet your fundraising needs

For your information, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN) both have been aiming to empower players in the Indonesian startup ecosystem.

AWS provides technical products and services to help startups scale their business by improving operational efficiency. Meanwhile, ANGIN is the first and largest network of angel investors in Indonesia, consisting of high-net-worth individuals pooling resources together to invest in early-stage investment and mentoring.

So what do we say? Well, you're not gonna want to miss this one – it's an all-in-one package!

Confirmed Guest Speakers:

Ken Ratri (Founder of Geekhunter)
Shieny Aprilia (CMO of Agate Studio)
Dina Dellyana (Director of Greater Hub ITB / Lecturer at SBM ITB)
Ronaldias Hartantyo (CMO of Mycotech)
Sutansyah Marahakim (Kolaborasi)
Hasbi Asyadiq (CEO of Assemblr)
Seterhen Akbar (CEO of Labtek Indie)
Hadi Santoso (Managing Director of DiLo Coworking Space)
Dibya Pradana (Executive Director of Bandung, Jogja, and Makassar Digital Valley)

To register, click here. Looking forward to have you soon!

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