Finally, after a long wait, we have — not one, two — but 12 3D packs released on our platforms! We know these are the ones you've been waiting for, right?

Get ready to add sparks to your creation with all our theme-based packs. Feel free to use them for any purposes; either for your education needs or literally just-for-fun. To top it off, they're all FREE and available to use on your 3D library now!

Curious? Scroll down below to catch a glimpse of our 3D packs!

Dinosaurs Alphabet Pack #1: ABC

Create a rawrsome creation with the ABC dinosaurs — Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Compsognathus — in three different colors.

Education Pack #1

Take a closer look inside the chemical elements and chemistry lab equipment in AR experiences!

Village Landscape Pack #1

Build your own village house equipped with  small details for a more realistic ambiance.

Indonesian Traditional Instruments

Have fun introducing Indonesia’s musical heritage using 10 kinds of traditional instruments.

Village Landscape Pack #2

Bring peaceful & healing vibes into your creation with a green landscape, calming river, and other details.

Blood Cells Pack

Transform the abstract visualization of blood cells into more concrete ones — highly recommended for Biology lessons!

City Landscape Pack #1

Design your own urban city with fascinating skyscrapers, daily go-to-stores, and decorations like never before.

Rock & Minerals Pack

Learn all about rocks & minerals with wonderful visuals — perfect lesson properties for Earth Science lessons!

Cartoon Animal Pack #3

Bring these five little friends to life and unleash your creativity. Get ready to see them wandering around you!

Nature Landscape Pack #1

Insert the wonders of nature into your creation and let them come alive in front of you.

Hair Template #1

Groom your character with ten different hairstyles — long or short, original or colored, anything you prefer.

People: Occupation Edition #2

Add these ten basic human occupations into your creation to bring more variations.

Have you decided what kind of creation you will make out of them? Looking forward to seeing your creative works!

More spoilers: we still have more packs in-store: the free and the exclusive packs. These will be available on Assemblr subscription plans. Stay tuned for more updates from us and don't forget to keep on assembling! 😉

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