Did you know how many types of habitats are there currently? Well, different habitats can have different ecosystems and organisms living inside them.

If you want to learn more about the habitats, our new topics this week, the Types of Habitats series, might be able to give you some glimpses of the materials.

There are 4 topics for the series: Polar Regions, Coral Reefs, Alpine Tundra, and Wetlands. Each of them comes up with explanations about the locations, climates, and particular animals that live in the habitats.

If you're a Geography high school teacher, you can use these topics as your learning materials. Simply head to Assemblr EDU, open the Topics menu, choose Geography, and browse through to pick Types of Habitats topics.

Looking for more topics? No worries, we've got a lot more in store for you! Stay tuned for the weekly updates on our blog 😉

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