It's March, and Assemblr EDU keeps rolling on! We've got 5 new topics, ready to use for your classroom—from Chemistry to Computer Science.

Want to get to know the details? Go read on!

1. Part of CPU

Everyone uses a computer nowadays, but little they might know about the CPU. Especially for students, they may find it difficult to grasp. When it gets confusing, it's time for you to use this topic!

We try to break down the parts of the CPU interactively, so your students can learn about it in fun & interactive visuals.

Part of CPU is available on our Computer Science topic. Since it's a part of our exclusive content, you might need to upgrade your account first (yes, you can do it by subscribing to our plans), and you're all set!

2. Petroleum Fraction

What are the fractions of petroleum? In this lesson, you will get the complete details, so you can explain the concept better to your students. It's all made better with the captivating AR visuals!

Petroleum Fraction is available on our Chemistry topic. Scroll it down, and you'll find it right on the spot!

3. Osmotic Pressure

Chemistry teachers, gather up! Here's the topic you've been waiting for.

In this topic, you can get a quick-through explanation of how the osmotic pressure works as well as its impressive visualizations.

Osmotic Pressure is available now on our Chemistry topic!

4. Coming Soon: Human Skeletal System

Have the human skeletal system on your syllabus, but still got no plan for the learning material? That's great, 'cause we've got you covered!

This topic provides a part-by-part explanation of a human's skeleton. Don't worry, your students won't get bored while learning with the 3D human skeleton! This one's arriving soon to your topics, so stay tuned!

5. Coming Soon: What Is Intermolecular Force?

Another topic on our soon-to-publish list is just as interesting! With this topic, we'll take you to dive deep into two types of intermolecular forces—the hydrogen bond and London forces.

Check it up later on our topics—coming to you this month!

Looking for more topics? Head to our Topics, scroll to find what you want, and use it up to your needs. We've got 120+ AR learning materials running on, and we'll keep updating the number! Also, if you want to request a specific topic, just hit us up!

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