Say hello to our program, Assemblr EDU Distributor! But wait... What is it in details? And how does Assemblr EDU Distributor work? What about the benefits?

One thing for sure is, as you do your part as an distributor, you can also earn promising commissions! Yes, you read it right. Wanna know the details? Well, let's not beat around the bush and jump straight into the details!

What is Assemblr EDU Distributor?

Assemblr EDU Distributor is a group of passionate people that distributes our products to be used by teachers and students all around the world.

Through the products you sell, you will be anointed to help educational institutions to create fun and interactive learning!

Although we work in the educational field, it doesn’t mean that you must be an educator in the first place. Anyone—including you—can join as a distributor!

Basically, whoever you are, whatever your background is, you can be a part of us as long as you have a huge interest in the digital and educational field.

Benefits as an Assemblr EDU Distributor

As you’re reading up to this point, you might still contemplate on why you should be a part of our distributor.

Really, why?

Here are the perks you can gain as an Assemblr EDU Distributor!

1. Earn promising commissions

If you're looking for an additional income, this opportunity is a music to your ears. As a distributor, whenever you make a deal with a school or an educational institution to purchase subscription plans, you can earn a promising commission.

The higher your level is, the higher your commission might be. You can even earn up to 52% commissions from your accumulated earnings!

2. Sell better with our marketing kit

To make our products are indeed convincing, you also need some aids that can support you. That’s why we will provide you with our FREE marketing kit.

When you need to offer our products to your target customers, we have already equipped you with any design-related aids like posters, guide book, banners, or brochures.

3. Get supported for your activities

Ever experienced any bugs or difficulties while selling the products? Just chill—you will be showered with endless support from our team. All you need to do is contact our team and get a helpful direction! It's all that matters.

Before you start reaching out your clients, we will also onboard you with an exclusive training regarding our products exclusively from our team. Get ready to master everything about marketing and product knowledge!

We strive to deliver you our excellent service, so you can deliver excellent performance as well.

4. Manage everything in one dashboard

Gone are the days when you have to record your selling activities manually. Time to change it to online!

To facilitate you better, we also provide you an integrated, all-in-one Distributor Dashboard. Keep count of your activities—no need to get lost in the midst of it!

5. Be the first to try new features

As a part of our commitment to help you sell better, we also equip you with an early-bird access to our new features!

This small detail might help you broaden your product knowledge, and with your knowledge of the new features, you can also get your potential clients hyped up.

6. Work flexibly!

Our service runs all around the world, and you can work whenever and wherever you want. As a part of our global network, you can work literally anywhere and anytime! Your freedom is our number one priority.

How does Assemblr EDU Distributor work?

Well, apparently, it works pretty simple. Your target is to sell as much subscription plans as you can to your potential clients.

To lure them and spark their interest, you can offer a two-week free trial program, and ask them whether they want to get on board and purchase the subscription plans.

But if your clients are already interested enough, you can offer to sell the subscription plan vouchers right away! Get ready to earn your commissions for every purchase—be it through voucher-code-based or manual transaction!

Interested? Let's join us!

Interested in becoming our distributor? Head over to our Distributor Dashboard right away, and if you’re done filling the information, our team will contact you shortly.

However, if you’re still taking your time, just remember that you can always visit our Distributor page to check and re-check everything! Happy selling!

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!