Last Saturday (04/24), we held our first-ever online meet-up with our global ACEs, and it was such a blast!

Honestly, we'd love to meet all of them in person, but... it means that we have to travel all around the world (let's hope this can happen in the future! 🙏🏼). Thank God, there are video-meeting platforms everywhere, which we can make use of!

The meet-up were in two sessions – the first session was for our Indonesian ACEs, while the latter was for our global ACEs.

The first thing we did? Getting to know each other! Although we only met through our screen, it still felt as if we were in the same place, same room, offline. Super fun!

After breaking the ice, off we had a pretty intense chit-chat. And by intense, we mean it's intense in a really, really good way.

During this session, our educators asked us a bunch of questions about our platform, and to be honest, we're shocked at how great the questions are.

Some of them include suggestion for our next features, while some others are feedbacks of what we've done so far. It was a pleasure for us to gain new insights as well!

Anyway, we paid attention for each one of the questions, and will try our best to include them into the line-up of our next features. 😉

Here's a summary of our Q&A sessions, in case you're dying to know what we discussed about:

I would like to use my own images as a trigger so when my students scan their photos they can see their contents created in Assemblr EDU. Could you improve this feature?

Great news – we've already had this feature running on our platform! It's called custom marker, and with this feature, you can set custom images as the trigger. To get the access, subscribe to Assemblr EDU plans or purchase them in slots.

Here's how to use it: you can use our mobile platforms or Assemblr Studio (desktop).

Will Assemblr be integrated with Google via API/LTI?

Currently, we're in the middle of developing WebAR, so it's a yes! You can embed AR projects on browser, hopefully soon.

Is it possible to create 3D contents using LIDAR scan?

As long as your device supports LIDAR, it's more than possible! Use Assemblr Studio to import your 3D contents, and make sure the file format is in FBX. Then, you're good to go – the objects will appear on our platforms!

Are there plans to have it accessible with VR headset (like Oculus)?

Actually, we have the plan in mind, but we're still monitoring the development of the device from time to time.

Will it be possible in the future to insert other types of 3D files, such as obj, into Assemblr?

Yes! We will always keep improving our platforms, so you can insert any kind of file formats.

Is there any template to use when we have teacher trainings?

For now, we still haven't had any. But, we will try to make presentations about Assemblr EDU, so it will be a lot easier for you to train other teachers.

Will it be possible to use a template and modify the projects created by others (e.g. from English to Italian)?

Of course! We're in the midst of cooking this one, so stay tuned!

How about cube detection? It will be more engaging because students can hold 3D objects on their hand!

Hmmm... This is actually a cool one to be included into our feature. We will absolutely note it down! But for now, maybe you can create your own cube, and insert QR markers of your Assemblr projects.

How to make projects like Assemblr AR books? It only has one marker at the beginning, but we can view various AR experiences in each page.

Fun fact: actually, each page has its own marker! When you scan that one marker on the front, it's a way to activate the markers inside. So, we have lots of markers. Custom markers, to be exact. 😉

All in all, it was a fun Saturday for us! Thank you to all educators who joined the session and inspired us through your ideas. Stay tuned for the next meet-up updates on ACE WhatsApp group, looking forward to having a chit-chat with you again real soon!

Assemblr EDU ACE Online Meetup
Our ACEs from all around the world in one frame. It was pure fun!

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