Hello, teachers! Are you currently in search of a community of educators where you can learn how to create innovative augmented reality lessons and do networking at the same time? Let's join Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE)!

But first, you might ask – what is it? Why do you have to join? And so, how to register? We will break them down below!

What is ACE?

ACE is a program for educators under Assemblr EDU. We established a global educator community so that teachers can develop their skills to create AR-based lessons in our platform and gain new networks from fellow teachers.

Why should you join ACE?

As an ACE, you don't just get additional skills; you can also get benefits that can complement your teaching activities.

1. Get certified

Once you have joined the community, you will be listed as an official ACE member. As you keep on progressing on your level, you will receive more certificates as well to mark your achievement.

Get acknowledged for your AR practices in the classroom and go further to inspire fellow teachers.

2. Access to a worldwide community

Get to know hundreds of educators worldwide to add to your network. We provide you a community where you can share insights into how you use Assemblr EDU in your classroom and other things related to your teaching activities.

3. Unlock your rewards

Each time you level up, you can achieve rewards; get your Assemblr EDU account upgraded, get certified, get featured on our social media and website, and many more!

4. Receive our weekly newsletter

Get ready to receive exciting news from our team, the latest updates from our platform, and useful tips in our platform that you can apply on your day-to-day classroom activities!

What are your activities as an ACE?

We have prepared activities for you to complete regularly related to the Assemblr ecosystem – most particularly in Assemblr EDU and Assemblr Studio. You can check all the details in our guide book, which you will get right after you join our community.

Here's the interesting part: whenever you finish a task from us, you will get ACE points that you can collect. Those points will later determine your level as an ACE; simply put, the more points you collect, the faster you can advance to the next level.

Your levels will later be represented by our ACE badges. So far, we have three badges: ACE Inventor (level 1-3), ACE Explorer (level 4-6), and ACE Wizard (level 7-9).

Aside from the tasks that you need to complete, we also have three routine activities:

1. ACE Challenge

Creative augmented reality lessons

Each month, we will give you a challenge to create an innovative and impactful AR lesson based on the tools you have learned in Assemblr EDU or Assemblr Studio. The winners will gain additional ACE points.

2. ACE Meetup

We always hold monthly meetups, in which you can meet your fellow ACE members from all around the world virtually and have casual chit-chats with topics related to our platform.

3. ACE of the Month

Radwane Bouzaiene: Going the Extra Mile with Assemblr EDU
We admire Radwane’s spirit to keep motivated – both as a teacher and an ACE. What are his tips to keep going on?

We will pick one ACE member that excels at their activities – both as a teacher and an ACE member. As an ACE of the Month, you also will get exclusive coverage on our blog and social media.

How to register as an ACE?

Just fill in our registration form; our team will then review your answers, and if you're qualified, we will get in contact with you! Visit our website to learn more; we're looking forward to seeing you as a part of our community!

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!