These days, who's never gone online shopping? In such a fast-paced lifestyle, it has become one of many lifesavers for busy folks – including us in Assemblr 🤪

While online shopping has gained more popularity these days, however, it strips down customer's experience with the products. What if Augmented Reality technology comes into play? Wouldn't it be much more fun?⁣⁣⁣

This year, we are sooo excited to bring our first Augmented Reality retail shopping experience in Assemblr. In collaboration with BLP Beauty, we present a new way to shop that marries digital and real life. Experience our virtual tester bar, modelled exactly like the one BLP Beauty has in their new Beauty Space in Yogyakarta.

To try the experience, follow these easy steps:

1. Download Assemblr from Play Store or App Store
2. Find BLP logo at the slider, click "View"
3. Tap on the tester bar. You can opt for either a 3D view or an AR view
4. Enjoy your virtual shopping, linked directly to our website

Happy shopping, everyone!

P.S. Get IDR 50,000 off your purchase by clicking the poster at the tester bar!

Assemblr is a 3D Augmented Reality platform which helps you to visualize ideas in 3D and AR for a fresh experience. To try Assemblr today,download the app here.