We're delighted to announce that we got covered by Apple in App Store Discovery section! After getting featured in AR Spotlight last month, yesterday Apple team had published a feature story about us along with other awesome apps, which have incorporated augmented reality technology in a creative way.

As the story title suggests, we believe that the world should be your AR canvas. Making AR accessible to everyone has been our mission, and weโ€™ve been working hard to achieve this goal since we launched earlier this year.

Assemblr featured in App Store Discovery

Only a handful of the millions in the app store have the privilege of getting featured, so this is such a huge acknowledgement for what our small team has been doing here in our office. That's why we're happy to share the news with you.

Anyway, we would like to thank you and our whole user community for all the positive feedbacks, continued patience, and understanding whilst we work on improving your experience.

Seriously, we spent hours imagining what itโ€™s like to be in our users shoes, so your support really means a lot. High five, anyone? ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

We think that's all for today! We're looking forward to continuing to grow in 2019 and have a more amazing journey with you.

To read the full story in the App Store, click here.

In Assemblr, we believe that all people โ€“ including you โ€“ can create and present your own AR experiences. With an easy-to-use application, Assemblr empowers people to implement AR in any occasion. Interested to unveil more possibilities of AR? Download Assemblr now, available in App Store and Play Store!