If we all could read this blog, we're too old to still learn about alphabets. But how do you feel about cartoon or kids game characters? We think we can all agree that each of us have a little child inside of us. And we bet, they squeal at the sight of cute characters for kids!

That's exactly how we feel when we first found about Arsa Kids. It's a sub-line run by Arsanesia, an Indonesian game studio, which focuses on producing kids' educational contents. These educational contents are presented in a series of smartphone apps that teach about shapes, alphabets, animals, to space objects.

Like every other contents for kids, Arsa Kids features characters that are fluffy, blobby, and adorable. Any children could relate to them! Meet Pippo the Penguin and Fello the Cat, which has been on Assemblr for quite some time. We can't stop staring at them. How cute!

Pippo the Penguin. (Lots of it.)
Fello the Cat.

We tried to augment them at our office this morning. Look at them waving to us!

We're quite happy to be able to help Arsa Kids bring Pippo and Fello to life. By bringing Pippo and Fello to Assemblr, now children are able to interact and have fun with them up close in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) format. Such an experience! That's just an example of how creators can use AR to bring people closer to their characters.

That's it. Like Arsa Kids, you too can create your own characters and let people play with them! Tell us what you'll create today, and don't forget to share it for the world to see. We're looking forward!