If you could travel the time, what would you wanna see first? Oh, you'd probably see flashy inventions like the ones we see in science fictions. (Pssst, that's why we're tinkering with AR here!)

But how about the culture? How about the arts? Wave of Tomorrow seems to be the perfect place to find out about them.

Video: Assemblr World (YouTube)

Open from Oct 19th to Oct 28th 2018, this new media exhibition introduces you to various contemporary art works incorporating technology. We're talking about immersive lightings, video mappings, and other visual experiences here.

Taking place at The Tribrata Grand Ballroom, Jakarta, Indonesia, you'll find visual installations from multimedia artists, studios, as well as collectives.

There will also be special music performances every day from renowned local and international artists. On the list you'll see pop musicians, jazz groups, alternative/indie bands, as well as electronic music performers and selectors.

The lineup's pretty diverse, but they got one thing in common: they put experience above anything else. I've personally been a big fan of Nonotak, which heads the lineup!

We got a chance to collaborate with awesome industry practitioners behind the event by creating an AR animation for its invitations. As seen bellow, you could point your camera at the VIP pass and this 'robot' will appear.

Moreover, this robot can speak! You can watch the full video on our project here.

Video: Assemblr World (YouTube)

Anyway, we're proud to take part in such immersive project! Creating experience-based products for the future has always been our core mission, so it's always nice to see fellow innovators showcasing works ahead of their time.

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