It's hard not to worry about what the future holds for this little blue planet sometimes. While we'd love to be hopeful here, we humans still need to do some steps to fix the damage that's already done.

But how should we tell our younger fellows about it? Afterlab Studio seems to do this well! We recently stumbled upon their light-hearted animated series, Joni & Boli, which is showcased on their official Assemblr account. They got an interesting poke on the issue, and to our delight, a set of adorable characters kids would love!

Joni the ape and Boli the gorilla

As the name suggests, Joni & Boli tells a story about two animal friends: Joni the monkey and Boli the gorilla. While Joni is naive, grumpy, and hyperactive, Boli is a massive but passive ape (with the exception of food).

They live in a very cramped urban forest – due to deforestation, they both have to coexist with modern human nature. The forest is split by a small river, where humans often throw their garbage. This garbage often create chaos when it floats to the forest! (But hey, at least some of the stuffs end up being useful.)

This littered space is home to Joni and Boli!

Later on, Afterlab did a collaboration with Edho Zell, a social media influencer who started out as a YouTuber. The studio brought Edho to the story, making him a new human friend for Joni and Boli!

Joni & Boli with Edho, as seen on their special New Year 2017 episode. | Edho Zell (YouTube)

For Afterlab, Assemblr provides a fun way to introduce Joni, Boli, and Edho! They could augment the bunch anywhere, from business cards to behind-the-scene drawings. We, too, can get creative with these cute and fuzzy characters!

To see Joni, Boli, and Edho up close, you can simply find them among Exclusive Contents in Assemblr as well. They're ready to hang wherever you want to place them – you can even take a selfie with them!

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