If there's one word that can describe what ACE in Indonesia is like, it's probably "solidarity". Everyone in the community is always pleased to help each other, be it on the entry or experienced level.

In this ACE Series, we're talking with five representatives of the ACE community in Indonesia: Agung Ade Yulianto, Atik Dian Anggraeni, Daniel Dwimawan, Helen, and Purwanto.

As far as we know, they're all worth representing the community since they're very active and contribute a lot to the community.

When we asked them what ACE means to them, they all answer the same thing; that there's a sense of family and warmth in the community.

Atik and Daniel, who once started from the bottom, eventually became skilled in Assemblr EDU because all the existing members were willing to help them.

"When I got started, all the seniors are very welcome and open for new members, so I feel like I get the help I needed from my fellow members," Atik adds.

Speaking from the experience, Daniel also thinks that all the members are very close to each other.

He continues, "There's no pressure. We're never tired to share information about Assemblr with each other. We may be far apart, but I gain new brothers and sisters from the community."

The Indonesian ACE members have one unique tradition that keeps going on called "buka warung". It's another term that they use to say they're holding webinars.

This couldn't happen without the role of the seniors in the community, and Agung is one of them.

About the community, Agung adds, "For me, the ACE community is quite incredible because we've got a bunch of talented teachers and masters who are expertise in Assemblr or other expertises."

While everyone highlights their experiences as an ACE, Purwanto says that he's very glad that ACE keeps on evolving. "We always improve and add members," he says. "Everyone here takes part in sharing and collaborating to share about Assemblr, so we can contribute to the educational sector in Indonesia."

When we're talking about collaborations in the Indonesian ACE community, there's no doubt to say that they excel at this.

All the members of the community never walk alone. Together, they collaborate and create a huge impact on everyone—be it internally in the community or externally.

Their form of collaboration can be anything; it can be webinars, blogs, workshops, private classes, or even other events that can help themselves and the community grow.

"If we're talking about collaboration, we do collaborate—a lot. Personally, I had many opportunities to hold webinars with my fellow ACE members from many regions, such as Papua, Bengkulu, Riau, East Java, West Java, Central Java, Bangka Belitung, and South Sumatra," Helen says.

For this point, Atik also jumps in and adds an interesting point of view. For her, collaborations can go beyond between schools or fellow ACE members.

"Some ways that we can do is to collaborate with learning communities, education-based communities, government institutions, or maybe holding competitions or exhibitions that incorporate Assemblr EDU or Assemblr Studio Web," Atik shares.

However, aside from those activities, some of them also think that social media groups take part in spreading the news about Assemblr EDU.

Daniel continues, "I think sharing information with groups is also important. We have our own groups on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook. Sometimes, I also share them on my personal Instagram account or YouTube channel."

These groups, according to Helen and Agung, can serve as mediums to share 3D & AR learning materials, as well as news and updates about Assemblr EDU and the ACE community.

"People say that your knowledge will be fruitful when you can share it with other people. I think social media is a medium for me to share everything I know and the benefits about Assemblr EDU, so it can advance the education sector as well." — Purwanto

When asked about future collaborations, all of them voluntarily agree that they have something up on their sleeves.

"Our next step will be to hold webinars with our fellow ACE members who have already reached the final level of the ACE community. We want to help new members to gain points by inviting them to collaborate or buka warung with us," Helen adds.

As for Atik, she really wants to collaborate with her fellow members to hold Assemblr EDU national competitions. "We also plan to create merchandises that utilize AR, like flashcards, books, bookmarks, brochures, and many more," Atik says excitingly.

Overall, their journey and movement have been massively incredible. But certainly, they will never stop here. There's so much more that they want to achieve.

Daniel shares, "I hope this community can continue to contribute to the educational sector in Indonesia, support each other, and hold offline meetings to get to know each other better. Keep in spirit to share and collaborate!"

"Well, someday—maybe someday—we will get the right time to meet each other. It will be great to meet them right on site," Purwanto continues.

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