"Every time we pick ACE of the Month, we will choose the most active teacher—it's about how the teacher is contributing to our community and keeping it alive. So, this month's ACE of the Month is... Congratulations, Mr. Jarnawi!" says Anita Yustisia, Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Assemblr during the sixth Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE) Meetup on Zoom.

Once he heard his name mentioned, his face undoubtedly got all brightened up. Muhammad Jarnawi, known as Jarnawi or Mr. J for short, is indeed one of the most influential ACEs of all time.

Joining on September 2021, Jarnawi is a veteran in the education sector. Aside from his main job as a physics teacher, he has a long list of activities and several achievements, such as: being the Head of IGI (Ikatan Guru Indonesia) Bengkulu and a teacher-trainer.

In our interview session, Jarnawi shares that he's introduced to augmented reality (AR) due to his experience as Duta Rumah Belajar (Rumah Belajar Ambassador). He then started to have a huge interest when he held a training session about Assemblr EDU for his IGI community.

Jarnawi, our ACE of the Month, during one of his training session with Assemblr EDU team.
Jarnawi with our team during one of his training session with Assemblr EDU.

"At that time, I never expected to join a community [from Assemblr EDU]. All I wanted to do was to learn how to create interactive AR learning materials, but that's how I ultimately knew and joined the ACE community," Jarnawi says.

He has dreamed to become a content creator and create valuable yet practical contents for viewers. "So you might ask, 'What's the ideal app [for that]?' I believe Assemblr EDU is the right one."

Jarnawi has joined several educator-based communities like Microsoft and Google, but according to his opinion, nothing beats what ACE offers. Every little thing is well structured, including the tasks and points.

"We get an ACE Guide, so when I need to present about ACE to my communities, I can simply refer to the guide and share it right away. I also think that our smallest acts are appreciated—even if we only share our activities on social media. There are always points allocated for what we do," he adds.

Jarnawi, our ACE of the Month, presenting about the ACE community during one of his workshop sessions.
Jarnawi presenting about the ACE Dashboard to his community members.

Although it's only been almost two months as an ACE member, the community has helped him understand Assemblr EDU better. By doing all the tasks, he can master how to create a project and explain how to do so with his colleagues.

"Another thing that I really like is the management, especially Anita," says Jarnawi as he mentions the thing he likes about ACE. "They're always open to any suggestions or feedback [reported by teachers]. There's no barrier between us."

Jarnawi believes that teachers are not only meant to be followers; they're also expected to be leaders. For him, ACE has equipped its members with leadership skills.

He adds, "We have several tasks worth 50 points, and it is needed to be done by conducting seminars. These tasks somehow help us practice our public speaking and leadership skills as well."

"Let's keep being on fire—don't let it dim, so we can create a rapid development for the community and forge further collaborations. Who knows there will be an Assemblr-EDU-based lesson plan?" says Jarnawi about his personal hope for the community.

Successful training, countless hustling

During his workshop session, Jarnawi presented about how to create projects on Assemblr EDU.
During his workshop session, Jarnawi shared how to create projects on Assemblr EDU.

When being asked about how many training sessions he's held, Jarnawi stops for a moment to think. "To be honest, it's hard to keep count of my training, but I think I've held around thousands of training sessions. I can't calculate it systematically anymore," Jarnawi shares.

That outstanding number, however, doesn't just pop out of nowhere. Beneath the number, it's a result of countless hustling that Jarnawi has set to achieve his goals.

To follow in his footsteps, Jarnawi has shared several tips you need to do to start communities and train them.

First off, you can start small by creating groups on social media or messengers.

"When we create communities, we need to think of what makes our community different. I've learned digital marketing skills before, so I can attract many members into my community."

Once people join your community, try to post about your training sessions regularly. To attract even more people, you also should consider the words you choose to explain. Clear and attractive copywriting is also mandatory.

"If you hold your first training, you can give free access or bonuses. Highlight the words, for example, "free", "limited", and other killer words, and broadcast it consistently," he explains.

Then, what comes after is consistency. For this one, you need to keep maintaining your training sessions. "Once you've started the training, make sure to finish them," adds Jarnawi.

But again, when you conduct your own training sessions, it's not going to be an all-smooth-and-perfect story. Along with the training sessions, Jarnawi also encountered several hardships, especially when his participants can't allocate much time to master the material given.

Despite everything that he's faced and his super tight activities, Jarnawi always finds a way to keep him motivated.

"We always need to motivate ourselves to keep on sharing. The more we share, the more fruitful our life is. But keep in mind—when you share your knowledge, don't always expect to get rewarded. That's the last thing you should expect!"

Tune in to the video below to watch our interview session with Jarnawi!

Video: Assemblr World (YouTube)

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