Witnessing passionate teachers, especially when they love to share what they've learned, is quite a rare sight these days. However, that's not the case when we got to know Massimiliano Minaudo, our November's ACE of the Month, on a deeper level.

Based in Italy, Massimiliano has always been fond of immersive teaching and 3D-based learning—even way before using Assemblr EDU. Aside from using augmented reality (AR), he's also a big fan of virtual reality (VR)! That's why he's been exploring and incorporating various EdTech platforms into his learning materials.

During our interview session, Massimiliano shared that he actually discovered Assemblr EDU and Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE) by chance—while he was browsing on the web.

"I was attracted to enroll as an ACE since I can make use of the 3D visualizations. Also, I think the community always recognizes and appreciates my commitment with a certificate," Massimiliano says on his reason for joining the ACE community.

Compared to the other educator-based communities, there's one thing that makes ACE feel so special: the relation between the members. "I really appreciate Anita's hardwork. Thanks to her, the ACE community keeps growing rapidly until today! We all can be guided and even get the latest news about the application or community," he adds.

As an ACE, he believes that his journey has always been exciting. However, nothing can beat his feeling when he was chosen as the ACE of the Month.

Among his awesome milestones, we personally think that the moment when he reached the highest level of ACE was very remarkable!

"To achieve that level, I worked really hard. However, I think what brought me here is the enthusiasm and desire to keep moving forward, discovering new tools, and offering my students new opportunities. In short, don't let your passion run out!"

The indescribable joy of sharing knowledge

There's a saying that when you share something you love, your happiness will also be multiplied. Or in other words, you experience what-so-called "the joy of sharing". For Massimiliano, he believes the principle has always been in his DNA—especially when he holds webinars.

To date, he's been holding around twenty webinars—each consisting of about 200 teachers. However, many of those webinars are also targeted for students. He adds, "Whenever I introduce Assemblr EDU to the participants, their responses were always positive as they truly appreciate the platform."

Webinars, for Massimiliano, are channels to communicate effectively and share useful information for many people. Due to the pandemic, it's evolved to become a fundamental tool for schools, universities, and even educators.

"I feel elated to express valuable information virtually with many people. I always do it out of love and pleasure since I enjoy sharing ideas and knowledge—I never seek any profit. With my sharing, I'd love to contribute to the common growth in my country as well."

Looking for some powerful tips as a webinar presenter? If you're still a beginner and about to kick off your first webinar, Massimiliano shares that being yourself and speaking in a day-to-day language are quite vital.

"Preparation is the key! Before you start the webinar sessions, make sure to also prepare a summary of your presentation and project, so your participants can understand how to apply your materials for their daily use cases."

Want to be like Massimiliano? Register now as an ACE! Level up your skills with others, incorporate AR for your classroom, and enjoy special perks each time you level up!

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