When we talk about the Indonesian ACE members' growth, we can't leave out Purwanto from the influential list. He radiates excellent spirit, resilience, and sincerity in growing the community.

Inspired by his friends who already joined the community, he then decided to register as a member as well.

"After joining the community, I became more captivated since teaching in 3D & AR was a whole new world to me," says Purwanto.

Purwanto teaching his students with Assemblr Studio Web.

Being an ACE member is a huge opportunity for Purwanto to sharpen his skills—be it in creating AR learning materials or extending his network. This, of course, could not happen if it wasn't for his fellow ACE members, who never got tired of sharing their knowledge with the then-new member Purwanto.

"ACE is a wholesome community to me. I feel a strong sense of solidarity and collaboration between each member. The seniors are always ready to help the new members, even willing to open private classes to hone their Assemblr EDU skills."

Purwanto has become a part of the ACE community for around 6 months—yet, his performance is considered top-notch.

In such a short period amount of time, he managed to reach Trailblazer, which is the highest stage in ACE. And there's actually no secret to it.

"My point is, you have to keep being motivated to learn about Assemblr. Don't be afraid to ask your fellow members who have advanced a lot, no matter whether they're younger or older. And again, don't be afraid to try new things, like doing webinars. Everyone here will always have your back!"

So far, one of the most memorable things he ever experienced in the community is the relationship between each member.

Purwanto joining monthly ACE meetup.

He's glad he was given room to collaborate and share his experiences as an ACE through online webinars—be it on a national or international scale. Slow but sure, he also discovered his passion to share his know-how with more people out there.

"I remember my first webinar ever was held in collaboration with fellow ACE members, teacher organizations, and learning communities in Indonesia," he shares. "It was unforgettable."

To date, he's always held his webinars online—mostly joined by different segmentations, ranging from teachers to students.

His decision to start his own webinars was simple. It was purely because of the benefits he's ever experienced.

"I always want to share new knowledge and collaborate with my fellow ACE members. I mean, it's such a waste not to share about Assemblr and just keep the news to yourself. Although it's something small, I always feel content being able to take part in advancing education in Indonesia."

However, at the moment, he hasn't expressed any desire to start offline webinars soon enough. "My participants mostly come from different provinces. I can't even keep count of the number of participants. But I think they're more than hundreds in total," Purwanto adds.

Now that he's able to be one of the frontmen in webinars, he decided to be a helping hand for his fellow ACE members who just got started in holding their webinars.

"It's always been a pleasure to share something I know with all my colleagues. From another perspective, I'm also glad I can help them gain more points and reach a higher level in the community. This was inspired by my fellow ACE members who also helped me when I started from the bottom. Shout out to all of them!"

Speaking from his experience, he can say that all you need to start your first ever webinar is your courage. "Don't hesitate to ask your friends in the community, too. That's how I got started. If you want to start your own but don't know where to go, you can always reach out to me. I'm gonna help you!" says Purwanto.

Want to be like Purwanto? Register now as an ACE! Level up your skills with others, incorporate AR into your classroom, and enjoy special perks each time you level up!

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