Full of spirit. Motivated. Eager to learn. These three things describe Juliati, our ACE of the Month, perfectly.

She might not be among the young fellows in the ACE community, but her spirit has inspired and touched people around her. Living in Riau, Indonesia, Juliati has always been active in spreading the news about the community and Assemblr EDU.

She first learned about the community when she joined an Indonesian ACE webinar. "Apparently, I also met other ACE members there. That's how I finally wanted to know more about the community," she adds.

Unlike any other community, Juliati believes that ACE is very interesting. So far, there's no such thing that becomes a barrier for her to learn. She says, "There's always a chance to learn from anyone—no matter if you're older or younger than them."

Juliati (right, supervising her fellow colleagues to try Assemblr EDU.

Although it's only her fourth month joining ACE, she boosts up her level faster than anyone. Currently, she's an ACE Trailblazer, which in fact, is a huge achievement—considering that she's still a beginner.

For her, the key is to diligently do her part based on the task list provided, so she can add more points. "Points are not the ultimate goal, but if you keep improving the points, you can enjoy benefits that can complement your activities," she says.

"Ever since I became an ACE member, I feel like I've transformed a lot. I become more confident, familiar with different kinds of technology, and of course, I can meet a lot of new friends!"

She also feels amazed at how everyone's motivated to improve and do better in the community. "I might be one of the oldest ones here, but I'm never ashamed to learn from the younger friends. We help each other a lot, and I feel like my life has been transformed to be a lot more impactful," she shares her experience.

All these times, she always loves to challenge herself. "When I got to know about Assemblr EDU,  I wondered if I'm capable to create amazing lessons. But then, I also thought, 'Why can't I?'," she says. "In the end, I chose to learn."

Little by little, she kept upgrading her capacity in creating lessons. It's all thanks to her fellow ACE members that constantly conduct webinars.

What started as a challenge to herself made her realize this one thing: Assemblr EDU is much needed for teachers and students. As a school inspector, she believes that she can share the knowledge with her supervisees, in this case, teachers.

Learning from that idea, she tried to spare around 30 minutes of her supervision time to introduce Assemblr EDU to teachers. "Ultimately, they got hooked, and now I almost do it every day."

Seeing people around her got impressed, she wanted to take another huge step. "I want to expand the scale so that more and more teachers and students get to know about the platform. That's why I decided to hold webinars—offline and online," she shares.

"Alhamdulillah, I have a lot of participants for the webinars. It's even more fun because I have my fellow ACE members by my side. They always support me."

Her offline webinars are usually filled with teachers, principles, and her fellow supervisors around Indragiri Hulu—her regency. As for her online webinars, since it's more flexible, she has more participants coming in from all across Indonesia.

Juliati conducting her online webinar.
"Knowledge sharing is beautiful, and I always feel happy doing so. I never worry about the extra time, effort, or money that I have to spend. My intention is nothing but pure for the love of sharing."

All in all, Juliati thinks that the ACE community always gives her the space to learn from anyone, anytime. That's why there's no such thing for her to be lazy to learn.

"I think there's always a time to learn. Being busy is not an option; we all have 24 hours a day, so the question is, how will you spend it? In my experience, everyone here has always welcomed me to learn and share their knowledge. In the end, your choice is what matters."

If you're seeking a tip to kickstart your own webinars, Juliati shares that you need to dare to act. "Try to share your knowledge with people around you and be motivated. That's how you can start your first webinar!"

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