Up until now, you might have only heard of educators joining our Assemblr Certified Educators (ACE) community. But did you know that trainers can also join?

Meet Agung Ade Yulianto, one of our ACEs from Indonesia. Based in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, Agung is a trainer at Yayasan Edukasi Mahardhika Indonesia, training teachers all across Indonesia.

Amidst his busy activities, Agung visited our office a few weeks ago to learn more about Assemblr EDU and to get to know our team! It was a fun experience for us as well.

Agung with our founder Hasbi Asyadiq (left) and co-founder Anita Yustisia (right) during his visitation to our office.

His encounter with Assemblr EDU

Even if the pandemic hit, Agung had no choice but to keep going on with his workshops. At that time, his general theme to present was about how to create a fun and interactive online learning during the pandemic.

"The material that I presented, apparently, has to be about the augmented reality (AR) technology. I tried to search for many related platforms, and that's how I came across Assemblr EDU," Agung told us.

Once he downloaded Assemblr EDU and tried using it, he felt that it's a very different platform compared to other AR platforms. Assemblr EDU, in his point of view, has the educational aspect as well to highlight. That's what makes the platform becomes even more interesting to him.

Assemblr EDU in the eyes of the teachers

Working as a trainer, Agung runs his workshops both online and offline, having trained over 2,000 teachers in Indonesia.

During the one-hour workshop, he believes that the teachers were not only fascinated due to the fun aspect of Assemblr EDU. They also showed a sense of enthusiasm, having known a new tool to help their teaching activities.

When asked about their reactions, Agung shared that Assemblr EDU brings a new air to the teachers. That's why the training never felt boring! Every single participant enjoyed getting to know the platform.

The AR view also adds the sparks, making the teachers felt very fascinated at how they could look insanely real in front of them.

"What I always see is that the participants always felt excited. It's as if they received a new game to play in the midst of the online learning that daunts them."

Being the first-ever ACE Wizard

Despite his hectic activities, Agung still spares his time to be active in the ACE community as well. Joining in April 2021, he thought that the program sounds attractive to him.

"It's a high-quality program for all teachers. For me, I want to meet new relations from the Indonesian and international community, and also share ideas between fellow educators."

Speaking of his journey as an ACE, there are tons of moments that are considered remarkable for him. However, if he has to choose one, he really loves the ACE meet-up program. Being able to meet fellow educators worldwide is a memory that he will never forget.

With such a short amount of time, he also managed to be the first one among hundreds of ACEs to reach the Wizard level. Of course, it's a moment worth to celebrate, even for us!

"I'm very delighted since the Assemblr EDU team always appreciates my effort to introduce Assemblr EDU to teachers all across Indonesia. This motivates me to even keep assembling a better AR project," Agung shared his feeling.

Train to inspire teachers

Agung during one of his workshop session.

Although having a packed schedule, Agung has never failed to keep sharing his insights with fellow teachers. He's always humbled to help other teachers move forward together.

"In general, Indonesian teachers are actually creative and eager to learn new things. That's why I always nurture and encourage them, giving them my best support and feedbacks. Oftentimes, I also shared 3D object files to help them create their projects. What they need to do is as simple as importing the files to Assemblr EDU."

Agung may have already inspired thousands of educators out there in Indonesia. But his journey doesn't and will never stop there. For the next academic term, he also plans to hold workshops for students to introduce Assemblr EDU, hoping to expand the use of the platform as wide as possible.

Last but not least, Agung also shares a bit of his hope for Assemblr EDU. "I do hope that this platform keeps on evolving and creating more interactive contents for teachers!"

If you're looking forward to opening up new opportunities for your teaching activities, register yourself as our Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE)! Get ready to improve your skills and earn your perks. 😉

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!