Daniel Dwimawan and his enthusiasm to share about Assemblr EDU have been inseparable. In terms of having webinars, Daniel has become one of the most outstanding ACE members in the Indonesian community—and that's what makes him deserve the title of "ACE of the Month".

"I joined the ACE community through recommendations from Pak Noviya, one of my fellow ACE members. After joining his workshop, my interest in augmented reality got deeper, and I wanted to learn more about it. Then, there comes the learning phase, and I got to say, I was excited to be active as I finally got to know how to make interactive learning materials."

After seeing most of the members start their own webinars, the idea of holding his own sprang to mind. But that's not the sole reason why he started; the environment around him also affected his decision.

"My first webinar could happen after seeing what happened in my region. There's no single information surging about AR at all," says Daniel. "And I think with webinars, I can share what I've learned with everyone. That's why I have my own sessions called Assemblr EDU Best Practices and Assemblr EDU Private Tutoring."

When talking about his webinar participants, there's no exact number he could remember. But as far as his brain could trace back the memory, he believes he already spoke to thousands of teachers about Assemblr EDU. It was all held online.

"Since now we have the student community, it motivates me as well. I think I'm gonna hold webinars for students, too," he continues.

Seeing how the participants responded to his webinars made all his effort pay off. Everyone was very enthusiastic to learn about Assemblr EDU, and they all wanted to apply what they've learned in their classrooms.

To start your own webinars like Daniel, he shares that you should put an emphasis on the keyword "collaborating".

"In the end, your first step should be collaborating with other existing ACE members. Don't be afraid to step out and reach out to them. And make sure to keep practicing your skills [to create AR] in Assemblr EDU."

Spending four months as an ACE has made him realize what he admires the most about the community. It's the never-ending support from his fellow ACE members. That's what keeps him going on to achieve more things.

The seniors' offering hands—also generally known as the ACE masters—for the new members opened his eyes. To help the newbies, they reached out to them to be the moderators for their webinars. It inspired him to follow their steps as well.

"They might already be ahead in terms of the levels, but they were all willing to help. By being moderators, I'm glad I could help more teachers, so they can be motivated to keep being speakers in their own webinars," Daniel adds.

Besides the helpful masters and reliable colleagues, the ACE community also gave room for Daniel to gain new skills; including how to prepare interactive learning materials for his students with AR.

As time goes by, his skills in creating AR projects also became much better—even being one of the most creative and ahead of the other ACE members.

"To create stunning AR projects, it doesn't just happen in a blink of an eye. It takes a huge effort to learn from the masters and follow their webinar sessions, which we also call 'buka warung'. When in need of some inspiration, I usually browse through the existing topics made by the Assemblr EDU team."

All in all, the ACE community provides Daniel with lots of insightful knowledge, and that's what he applies to his students. "In the future, I will involve my students, so AR can be a promising option to present their projects or assignments."

"To my fellow ACE members, just never be afraid to share what we've learned in the community. Don't walk alone; you can collaborate with other members to achieve more together—be it for your teaching activities or as an ACE."

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!