Inspiration can come in any form—you can find them maybe through your acquaintances, colleagues, family, and stuff.

But for Izza Nur Rufaida, our ACE of the Month in July 2022, her inspiration about the Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE) community came through a webinar she joined.

"I already knew what augmented reality (AR) is through the webinar held by Badan Pengembangan Multimedia Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (BPMPK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Apparently, after that, I came across a Facebook post about Assemblr," Izza says.

Her first encounter with Assemblr turned out to develop into something even bigger.

"I learned that you can create AR experiences in Assemblr easily. We don't need to master any coding skills," she shares. "That's why I was quite intrigued with the platform. I joined webinars held by the Sahabat Rumah Belajar and Rumah Belajar Ambassador, and that's when I was introduced to the ACE community. And the rest was history."

Ever since joining the community, Izza can't help but be amazed at the spirit of helping and sharing from the masters. No one feels more superior than others, or any other similar experiences, and that motivates Izza to be humble and share her knowledge as well.

"Seeing the masters, I always feel motivated to learn and share my knowledge about the digital era of education," adds Izza. "Shout out to Pak Daniel, Pak Agung, Bu Anys Patma, Bu Samini, Bu Rahma, and many other teachers—who spark my interest to learn and share."

To date, she can expand her network, learn new knowledge, and add variations of learning materials—all thanks to ACE. "I used to make use of videos, comics, blogs, pictures, and physical props. ACE helps me broaden my skills, so now I can create AR lessons with Assemblr!"

Being active in the community might be another hurdle to take—considering that Izza has to be able to allocate her time for her work, family, and ACE. "But I'm always full of spirit to learn how to make learning materials with Assemblr," she continues.

"This is a healthy place to grow. The members are open to sharing their knowledge for free. More than a community, it's a home where we can share our experiences, ask for help from our masters, and support each other. It's something I never experienced before."

Her motivation is then reflected in the webinars she created. It all started when her fellow ACE members started to hold her own webinars, which then inspired her to do so.

Izza says, "I might be a newbie, but I train myself to practice speaking in front of the public, learn and share new knowledge, and make new friends through my webinars."

Made for teachers and elementary students, there are mainly 50 teachers joining her online webinars. As for students, she usually holds it offline, so they can use the devices facilitated by the school.

If you're planning to create your own webinar—just like Izza, there is some technical stuff you have to provide; including your internet connection. "Make sure to prepare the best network connection for your webinar, so it won't delay your schedule," adds Izza.

Regarding her next plan, she currently has lots of things up on her sleeve. Aside from holding offline webinars in the Kelompok Kerja Guru (KKG), she hopes to be able to spark new collaborations with fellow ACE members and keep on learning and sharing about Assemblr.

"I also want to keep guiding my students to continue their journey in AR Science Fair and invite them to join the Assemblr Student Club (ASC) community. Since I also have a special needs student, I want to challenge myself to create engaging lessons with AR, so they can understand the lesson as well."

As for her fellow ACE members, she hopes that everyone will keep on sharing their knowledge and experience and learn to develop themselves. "Let's collaborate and create something inspiring together. As teachers, we play a huge role to shape the future of education in Indonesia," shares Izza.

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