All along the land of Syria, we've been noticing a steady growth in the local ACE community. Among the 16 influential Syrian ACEs, one of them definitely caught our attention.

Yasmin Abd Al Fattah Haddad, more familiar as Yasmin, is that particular person. Through her endless spirit and powerful influence, Yasmin broadens the scope of Assemblr EDU in Syria—along with her company, Open Minds Center.

She got to know about ACE and Assemblr EDU through Bashar Ahmad, her fellow colleague and an ACE, too. She adds, "He showed me many ideas about the ACE community and I love it! After that, I started to browse the website as well."

Currently an ACE Wizard, we can't help but choose her as this month's ACE of the Month; her burning passion is what we always look up to.

Assemblr EDU & ACE in her eyes

For Yasmin, Assemblr has a lot to offer—all including the platform and community for educators. It comes in handy as an all-in-one package.

"In this community, we learn about different cultures and new teaching methods. After all, the community also provides the spirit of healthy competition. We're always encouraged to learn the latest ways to improve our students' learning experiences."

After she learns new things, she also tries to apply them to her students, including the use of Assemblr EDU for her classes. As for Yasmin, her students enjoy learning with AR experiences wholly. With Assemblr EDU, it simplifies the process of creating.

"My students are my source of inspiration. They always work hard to develop their abilities. Now, they're even obsessed with creating projects, especially after I won the New Year's Greeting Card ACE Challenge last month!" says Yasmin excitedly.

After 5 months of joining the ACE community, Yasmin always feels delightful in the community. But if she had to pick one particular moment, it'd be the moment she received an e-mail from Anita, our Chief Creative Officer (CCO), informing her that she became the ACE of the Month.

"To keep advancing to the next levels, I think it's good to try various methods, so you can get more points. But don't forget to keep improving your skills in Assemblr EDU and collaborating with other educators as well."

One word: Relentless

Relentless. That's one word we can sum up every time we see Yasmin. We always think of her as a messenger; the voice of Assemblr EDU in Syria.

Everywhere she goes, anyone she meets, she's always persistent to share about Assemblr EDU and ACE.

"Probably you might notice that Assemblr EDU has only been used in two cities in Syria: Latakia and Aleppo. But that's not only it; we won't stop. Soon enough, we will start new projects in the rest of the cities."

When the spring comes, she already has her goal onset: holding Training of Trainers (ToT) courses in Damascus, the capital of Syria. She even believes that it might only take less than a year to widespread the information about Assemblr EDU and ACE—all over Syria.

"I want to offer Assemblr EDU for schools that are looking to adopt technologies for their learning activities, and who knows, they might want to join the ACE community. On a further note, I'm also planning to visit educational centers focusing on developing engineers, marketers, and businesses," Yasmin tells her plans.

Besides working her ways offline, she also has another way to keep her passion alive: going online. Yes, she makes use of the power of social media. Among all the social media channels, Facebook becomes her top pick—it's the most popular platform in Syria.

Apparently, her hard work pays off. The Facebook group, which she founded and monitored by herself, has already reached more than 400 members. For her, this group is a free space to learn about the best practices in AR or simply share educational tips.

"Whenever, wherever, I always talk about my Facebook and WhatsApp group, so everyone can get to know about our community," Yasmin says.

Behind the success, she has her own go-to strategy for social media approaches. If you also want to get started like Yasmin in social media, Yasmin has shared her know-how.

"It's important to post on your social media's account and the group regularly—at least once a week. Then, you should also talk clearly to your members or followers; use simple words, so everyone can understand. The last one is also very crucial: your visuals and hashtags. Make sure that the visuals are attractive and the hashtags match the content!"

Want to be like Yasmin? Register now as an ACE! Level up your skills with others, incorporate AR for your classroom, and enjoy special perks each time you level up!

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