They say your life's worth it if you can deliver powerful impacts for other people. That's the perfect epitome of Surya Ningsi, our ACE of the Month for February 2022.

You might call her Surya, but people around her usually call her by her nickname: Bu Uya. Living in Bone, South Sulawesi, Bu Uya is currently an ACE Trailblazer.

Just like her current level, she's indeed a trailblazer. She has opened up tons of new opportunities for Assemblr EDU to be used by schools around Bone—be it in the city or even remote areas.

Bu Uya (right) during one of her workshops, tutoring a teacher.

Bu Uya got to know about ACE coincidentally—just when she stumbled upon one Facebook post. "My interest grew bigger, so I decided to join a training session conducted by the Head of Ikatan Guru Indonesia (IGI) Lebong. That's when I also learned about Assemblr EDU," she says.

Although she admits that she's not quite tech-savvy, it's actually not a hassle to follow up with ACE activities—which revolves around operating Assemblr EDU and augmented reality (AR). It's because everyone, including her fellow members and the Assemblr EDU team, helps and guides her to learn about AR.

"In fact, after I became an ACE member, I can say that I've become more advanced in tech-related things," says Bu Uya. "Thanks to that, now I can deliver more impact for my students."

ACE becomes a place for her to grow her network. But that's not only it; she also thinks ACE is a part of her family now. "It's a super influential community, where I can meet my fellow Indonesian teachers as well as the international ones!"

Having been an ACE member for 5 months, there are tons of moments that already impressed her in the community. However, she thinks that reporting her progress is her favorite.

"I like the fact that ACE provides a progress report system, so I can get motivated to keep improving myself and collaborating with fellow ACE members. Also, I can channel my hobby in writing through blogging, and share my knowledge about ACE and Assemblr EDU."

Bu Uya might have zero experience when it comes to creating AR experiences, but she can master it all in no time. In Assemblr EDU, all the objects are available in the library, and it's also very easy for her to find and use them.

"As a chemistry teacher that deals with lots of contextual lessons, Assemblr EDU makes my learning material much more interactive. It comes to life in the form of 3D and AR experiences!"

If you're wondering how she constructs her lessons, she has her routines. It all starts with creating a lesson plan and then moving on by making an interactive lesson in Assemblr EDU. Once finished, she will generate the custom marker and share it with her students to learn.

For her, Assemblr EDU is her savior in the classroom. Not only that her students feel keener to learn, but Bu Uya can also get to know what her students excel at.

Bu Uya's students using Assemblr EDU to learn.

She also shares, "I never burden my students to create simple AR projects. They enjoy creating their own—be it for their lesson or even for their just-for-fun projects!"

Aside from her daily routines as a teacher, Bu Uya also holds online and offline workshops regularly; spreading her knowledge about ACE and Assemblr EDU. She's doing it for the sake of her goals.

"The era keeps on evolving, and so does the tech development. That's why teachers also need to adapt to it. I have this one goal to help all teachers in Indonesia, specifically in my region, Bone, to grow and learn together on how to adopt Assemblr EDU for their class activities,"

All these times, Bu Uya has been independently visiting schools around Bone, even to the remote areas as well. "In a week, I can visit around 15 schools," she adds.

In addition, she also does offline workshops for teacher communities in Bone and mentors several high school teachers to kickstart their journey with Assemblr EDU.

All these sacrifices and efforts, for us, are what make her special. She has planned out her "blueprint" ahead, and that's what we call being a change is.

"Actually, being impactful starts with you. We need to force ourselves to keep learning and improving our better selves. It all really starts with small steps to create such huge changes."

Want to be like Bu Uya? Register now as an ACE! Level up your skills with others, incorporate AR for your classroom, and enjoy special perks each time you level up!

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