Just as the end-year holiday season was approaching, we've got a warm, awesome visitor—to be exact, a teacher—in our office. Let us introduce you to Aang Suhendar, our December's Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE) of the Month!

Unlike the usual interview session, which was usually held through a video conference or e-mail, we've got the chance to interview our ACE of the Month right away!

After we took Aang for a tour around our office, he sat down and chatted with us about his experience and inspiring stories—both as an educator and ACE member.

ACE: An unexpected start, a source of inspiration

When teachers join the ACE community, we always get curious about what sparked their interest to register. And that became our first question for Aang.

As for Aang, he started off his ACE journey as a Training of Trainers (ToT) participant, which was held for chemistry teachers in Bandung. "Right from that moment, I got to learn about 3D and AR-based learning," he says.

Aang shares, "As I entered the last sessions of ToT, I finally got to learn about the ACE community. I saw one of the task lists, which is about reporting bugs, and I began to explore more about the app and reported several bugs. It was fun, and that sparked my interest to stay active in the community."

Aang views the ACE community as a game-changer in the educational sector. For him, the strength of the community is deeply rooted in its interactive content and easy-to-use 3D and AR experiences. "I'm thankful that I can learn how 3D was designed, and how it was being transformed into AR experiences."

When asked about what makes him keep going on, he only has one answer: get inspired. This sole inspiration, apparently, led him to many things, including being an ACE of the Month.

Aang with Assemblr's team posing along.
Aang with Anita and Assemblr's team posing along.
"No matter how many times we learn about something, if we don't get inspired, we won't move forward and feel motivated. I'm grateful for all ACE members that always inspire me to break my boundaries. They're extremely great in their own expertise!"

Beyond that, ACE members also have the heart to keep sharing with each other—no matter which level or how long they've been in the community. "Oftentimes, we also hold a private meeting for fellow ACEs on Google Meet or Zoom—in case they need help in creating," he says.

The road less traveled

Aang always dreams of sharing his knowledge with everyone. But he thinks he won't be capable enough unless he masters everything about AR. "So, I knew that the only reasonable way is to reach level 9 Wizard as soon as possible."

Apparently, that turns out to be reality. Just in a few weeks, Aang hustled and became an ACE Wizard. Recently, he even broadened his experience by conducting workshops for teachers.

"To become an ACE Wizard, I decided to do out-of-the-box tasks, which is creating a lesson plan. I think there have been only a few people who did that kind of task, and since I was a newbie, I also consulted a lot with Anita," he shares.

At first, he started creating lesson plans based on Assemblr EDU's official contents. However, as he got the hang of it, he started making lesson plans based on his own AR lessons.

"Once I created the lesson plan, I also need to test it out to get the results. And the only way to do so is by applying the lesson plan to my classroom and students," Aang continues.

Aang Suhendar, ACE of the Month, teaching with Assemblr EDU in front of the classroom.
Photo by Aang Suhendar
An AR chemistry lesson made by Aang Suhendar on Assemblr EDU.
Photo by Aang Suhendar

He didn't expect much, but apparently, his students love the AR experiences to every bit. The visual of popped-up objects excite them, which helps them keep engaged in learning.

Making the best out of Assemblr EDU

In the beginning, Aang had to admit that he was quite confused at how Assemblr EDU works. However, slowly but steady, he picked up with everything. And the more he learned, the more he fell into the charm of Assemblr EDU.

"I tried other AR platforms as well, but so far, Assemblr EDU is my one-pick. It's the best and easiest platform for teachers to create what-so-called an interactive learning."

As his students are also head over heels with Assemblr EDU, he decided to incorporate the platform for his students' projects. Instead of only consuming the contents, his students also became the creators of lessons.

One of Aang's students learning chemistry lessons with Assemblr EDU.
Photo by Aang Suhendar
"Surprisingly, their projects are way better than mine! That's why I also told my students that I'd keep using the platform for their assignments."

As a chemistry teacher and a national chemistry olympiad trainer, Aang is already well-versed in any Chemistry topics. However, when he utilizes Assemblr EDU for his chemistry class, he also needs to learn how to explain the lessons in interactive visuals.

If you're a chemistry teacher and still learning on how to create lessons in Assemblr EDU, Aang suggests that you should never give up on learning and creating.

"Get to know the 3D objects that Assemblr EDU provides. If you don't find any that you want, you can be creative by using 2D images. Then, you can remove the background using the online remover tools. Believe me—it will look almost like a 3D object!"

Want to be like Aang? Register now as an ACE! Level up your skills with others, incorporate AR for your classroom, and enjoy special perks each time you level up!

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!