Joining a community to grow yourself is great, but being able to share what you've earned with more people out there is even greater. When we heard that Mary Muolo—one of our ACEs from Italy—built her own community for teachers, it really made our day.

As an ACE, Mary has always actively participated in our activities and shared her experiences with fellow teachers and students. "I actually registered as an ACE out of curiosity. I wondered how it would feel like to meet teachers who share the same passion with me in the EdTech," Mary says as she unveils her story on joining ACE.

"Exchanging, comparing, and sharing is crucial for the growth as a good teacher, and I think the ACE program provides all of them. It's very stimulating — you never stop learning here."

Furthermore, Mary also thinks that the program encourages teachers and augmented reality (AR) enthusiasts to do better — not to mention that she can improve in creating lesson projects and getting feedback by sharing the results with others.

Mary Muolo teaching in her classroom using Assemblr EDU.
Mary teaching with Assemblr EDU

During her journey as an ACE, Mary tells us that she feels most excited when we published an article of her on our blog. However, she also thinks that our ACE meetups are one of her top moments so far.

"I hope the ACE community continues to grow. As teachers, we have great powers to help develop the platforms — from experimenting with the apps continuously to reporting the crucial bugs," Mary says.

Apparently, as Mary joined as an ACE member, many of her friends also felt intrigued by her works and daily sharing. At that time, Italian teachers were not familiar at all with AR technology. This then sparked the idea into her mind, 'Should I create an educator-based community?'

Starting from that moment, Mary embarked on her new journey as a founder of AR IN EDUCATION with AssemblrEdua Facebook community that specifically discusses all about AR and Assemblr EDU. Once a small group, now she has a total of almost 700 members on board — it's the epitome of "from nothing to something".

Facebook Groups
AR IN EDUCATION with AssemblrEdu has 692 members. Nel contesto educativo la Realtà Aumentata si allinea con l’apprendimento situato ed è più attraente, infatti diventa un supplemento divertente e...

For us, it's her spirit to grind away and stay motivated that makes the number sounds possible to achieve. "I usually share my AR projects and challenges in my classroom, news about Assemblr, information about ACE meetups, Assemblr social media posts, as well as all the works and posts of the teachers who publish their projects," explained Mary.

When being asked about her growth hacks, Mary thinks she owes it to her connections and experiences. "I've been a teacher for 20 years; throughout those years, I've met many teachers, and that's how I got to invite them. Thankfully, their responses are positive — they even started to invite their own colleagues as well," Mary shares.

"I'm always glad to help my community members on their journey getting to know Assemblr EDU and AR. They send me private messages; in exchange, I will explain how to use the mobile apps and Assemblr Studio. I also give out my tutorial videos to them and they congratulate me on the works I publish."

While EdTech in Italy has just recently grown during the pandemic, Mary is delighted that it shows promising improvements. Absurd as it seems, this situation has brought out some significant impacts in the country; distance learning has prompted the growth of EdTech in Italy.

"Before I would say that most Italian teachers never had a video conference, shared a video, made a PowerPoint presentation, or recorded a video lesson," Mary tells. "But since then, this situation has 'forced' them to be more innovative."

Mary Muolo and her students learning how to use Assemblr EDU in distance learning.

For Mary, it's important for teachers to combine traditional teaching with engaging technology, so students can feel more involved and interactive in their learning experiences.

"Overall, I believe the implementation of EdTech in Italy has generated positive results. We must never stop; we must constantly update ourselves and believe in progress, especially if we want our students to progress too."

If you're looking forward to opening up new opportunities for your teaching activities, register yourself as our Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE)! Get ready to improve your skills and earn your perks. 😉

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!