When you do something seriously, your hard work will never betray you. That one sentence is what we can describe Samini, our ACE of the Month for May 2022, truly is.

Starting as a beginner in augmented reality (AR), she eventually bloomed and grew to be one of the key people for her fellow Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE) members, colleagues, as well as her students.

Her love for online training is what led her to discover the ACE community. Samini shares, "I got to know about ACE through Mr. Jarnawi in his AR workshop. Prior to that, I also joined his training, and I can feel the benefits right away. That's what makes me want to join ACE. Seems like the tasks are super fun, too!"

Apparently, after joining Jarnawi's training, she also found out about Assemblr EDU and started to make fun learning materials with AR. Luckily, her students are also attracted to Assemblr EDU since it's something new for them. "They all get excited and try making their own AR creations as well!" Samini says.

Talking about communities, ACE is actually not the first community she's ever hopped in. Ever since 2018, she's been joining a lot of educator communities, but none of them can compare to her experience in the ACE community.

"System-wise, all those communities offer to sharpen the same skill. However, it's different when you join the ACE community. As an ACE, I feel like I have a new family, a sense of togetherness, and the spirit of collaborating to help grow each other."

Samini believes that it all happens because of Agung's role—one of the most influential Indonesian ACE members. His spirit to keep inspiring—even for the beginners—has influenced many, including Samini.

Samini (left) with Agung (right) during one of their webinar sessions.

However, she also thinks that it's the Assemblr EDU team that helps her grow a lot. She continues, "They're always friendly to us and have the sincerity to advance Indonesia's education through their training or programs."

Thanks to her interest in training and webinars, Samini kickstarted her first webinar in the ACE community—which she still continues today. Aside from that, she also conducts offline workshops for teachers in her school.

Mostly held online, she has lost count of the number of webinar participants since she's been doing it routinely. Roughly, however, she can say there are around 100 participants in a webinar.

"Through my webinars, I want to help widespread the information about Assemblr EDU, so there will be more educators all across Indonesia who recognize the platform and use it in their classroom. It's as simple as drag and drop, and I believe everyone can create their own interactive learning materials."

Not only holding personal webinars, she also offers her helping hands for her fellow ACE members' webinars to be a co-speaker or moderator. These roles ultimately help her gain her confidence in public speaking.

"It's actually my way to encourage the beginners, and I also promise to help them answer questions—just in case they don't know the answers," she adds.

Due to her help, some of them could even exceed Samini in terms of their points. Knowing this fact, she doesn't feel jealous at all; instead, she feels really happy for them.

Learning from her experience, starting your own webinar is not difficult as it may seem.

"You already have the resources from Assemblr, starting from their social media, blog, to even YouTube channel. And most importantly, don't think too much about the result. Just do it earnestly, and the result will pay off."

All in all, she also has her own words, especially for you who just gotten started in the ACE community:

"If you just get started, remember to keep expanding your relations. Try to attend the webinars held by fellow ACE members, so you can get valuable insights from them. You will get both new knowledge and relations!"

Want to be like Samini? Register now as an ACE! Level up your skills with others, incorporate AR for your classroom, and enjoy special perks each time you level up!

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